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just got back from the screening of goodbye lenin! and i must say i quite liked it. a pleasantly and refreshingly different plot driven largely by the new and german ewan mcgregor. i could've just watched the opening all night long... i'm not completely sure why. though it was by no means amelie-esque, i must admit there was the lightest hint of a breeze carrying amelie with it. needless to say, i was surprised toward the end when a piece of the amelie score played causing me to wonder if jeunet didn't have a hand in the production after all (he didn't).

a word to the man in the parking lot:
even if you were on the up and up, it's just not cool to come up out of nowhere behind a chick in a parking lot at night saying "hey. . . did you like the movie?". and don't look at me like i'm a cretin when i respond with a half-hearted "yep" because i'm too busy positioning my mighty Camry Ignition Key to gouge your eye out with maximum efficiency and speed just like my old white trash landlady taught me to do once they'd decided to inform me they'd been repeatedly catching a peeping tom outside my window.

ps: i think today i finally received the missing piece of information that i have been waiting for in order to find the proper motivation to compose a worktime post. perhaps that will be my friday night entertainment. just before i get around to shoving bamboo splints under my fingernails. no. wait. wait. i should do the bamboo splints before i start typing. otherwise, what's the point of bamboo splints at all?
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