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headline reads: hairy buttcrack drinks coffee

i've been delaying making an entry for many days now. i'm feeling vastly overwhelmed by anxiety and depression... much more so than i have in awhile. i can't concentrate. i've got the shakes. so many things coming to loggerheads all at once. i feel like i've been handed a 100 piece puzzle... not so hard to figure out, right? except that each piece comes from a different puzzle. i can't decipher how to make them all fit.

it all began with a spring break (evelyn's, not mine) three-day/two-night excursion to austin with the monster. we left monday morning and stopped off out in the middle of nowhere to visit with a greyhound the monster has decided to adopt. (yep, you heard that right...three cats, a rabbit, hank, and now a greyhound.) this woman had maybe 7 greyhounds plus a couple of other dogs, some cats, some renaissance dutch looking chickens, and picturesque white-with-black-spots cows.

once we rolled into town, we toodled around some neighborhoods a bit and then stopped at pacha for the monster's pre-dinner dinner. then it was off to ararat for dinner. they turned us away so we explored the vintage store next door. then it was off to ararat for dinner. they turned us away so we explored the underground book store and vintage store across the street. then it was off to ararat for dinner.

i had phoned tom earlier to invite him out on our evening, but he and his roommate had already engaged themselves with a dj gig at a bar on sixth. so we busied ourselves for a bit at lovejoy's and then headed on over. apparently, the bangs threw him off the trail of my arrival and it wasn't until he was walking by us later and i called his name that he acknowledged i was there. we chatted a few minutes and i told him again that i am actually serious when i say i'm moving to austin. evelyn had been looking beat down all night so i told him we could go for a drink afterwards if he could take me back to the hotel about a mile from his house. no go... he had decided to ride his bike to the bar.

about 1.5 hours after we thought the gig would be over, it was finally over. i felt too guilty forcing the monster to carry themselves any farther into the night on my account, so i declined the after party drink and asked if he was busy tuesday night. he said he was but we could go to lunch and he would call me.

we trudged back to the trusty and crusty suburban lodge where i won the prize i knew i would win after i located two round blood stains on the under side of my bedspread. cha-ching! i always win this game.

the monster fell away from consciousness immediately and began snoring the song of the dead leaving my muddled and confused and four-beer-laden head to twist and turn in sleepless torment. i eventually found myself on the floor of the bathroom scribbling madly on the backs of receipts in lieu of being able to perform a mental data dump electronically. none of what i wrote shall appear here. you're welcome.

after our surprise 6am tuesday morning wake up call, we breakfasted at kerbey lane. the waitress asked to see my i.d. as my breakfast contained alcohol. she commented that wow! i'm even older than she is, but it was in a good way. we spent a fair hunk of time oh-so-slowly perusing the neighborhoods in search of future stomping grounds and making police nervous as an added bonus. we stopped in at the green store to listen to the local leftist mock a decidedly drowsy prophet-advocate about his low protein intake. after checking out barton springs with its happy black retrievers and a dog with three legs, we decided it was time to recharge at flipnotics and get a good look of the barista in his nice pants. *nice pants.* the nice pants helped to cleanse my eyes after witnessing the severely exposed hairy buttcrack out on the porch. evelyn and i both managed to locate and try on whaley wraparound skirts in the shop downstairs (neither of us purchased). i thought it was befitting as i was just finishing up my copy of fluke. on the way back to the car, we saw some more of the nice pants. *nice pants.*

after feeling my coffee a bit too much during our trip to bookpeople, we felt it would be a good idea to jump into whole foods for some non-caffeinated liquid refreshments.

since we had seen that tom had left a message at noon asking to switch to dinner plans, he met up with us at mother's cafe along with hank's friends jessie and stacey (is that how you spell the boy version of stacey?). tom needed to head back home to make up for missed hours of work but said he'd be watching a band at a bar around 11 if we wanted to meet him. so the rest of us headed out for fussball and beer at the Texas Showdown (i was a little nervous going to a place named Texas Showdown). evelyn was almost killed by the over-zealous pool players who would look to see where she was seated and then proceed to come within millimeters of bashing in her skull with their pool cues.

due to a mix up of phone messages, we nixed the band idea and went back to an even crustier Suburban Lodge.

after our surprise 5am (6am? i don't know, i can't read digital displays that early in the morning), i let the monster breakfast on their own before we checked out and hit some more neighborhoods. we wrapped up our trip with a serving of veggie heaven and made our way back to dallas.

after the anxiety of physically facing my plan of moving, i was glad to get back to dallas and start de-pressurizing. instead, i arrive home to find more to become hopelessly anxious about...

donnie recommended the pink lady apple to me. i'm eating one now. i must say it is quite lovely and just the shade for the season. and with a name like pink lady, well... need i say more?

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