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the licking of some frogs can induce a hallucinogenic state.

i have awoken a minimum of 1.5 hours earlier than scheduled this morning. the alarm went off. sadly, i do not refer to the beaten up radio clock that has straddled my bedside since high school. as i inexplicably drifted into reality, i came to the slow acceptance that the cramps are making a comeback, and by this i don't mean human fly has finally topped the charts. it's The Drug Company's physically subliminal way of letting me know they are displeased that i rebelled and escaped from their course of oral birth contraceptives.

as i sit here waxing sentimental with my mother's now-vintage heating pad ensconced down the front of my pajama pants (which, by the way, i wish i had thought to do when the cold weather began kicking in. nothing like a fire in the groin to warm up the rest of the corpus.), i decided i might as well make a little note of my evening past.

for anyone who's been awaiting the opening of the triplets of belleville, i would just like to say ppptttthhbbbb. not to be mean, of course. just because i can.

darren and i went to the inwood to see a free advanced screening of triplets with destino last night. they almost snuck this one by us by not utilizing the primarily accepted notification method of email invitations. but since darren is an avid Tower Records shopper, he sleuthed out the opportunity after seeing the fliers by the register. of course, i would've eventually found out after i was REJECTED for tickets to carandiru as they offered this up as a consolation prize. really now. wouldn't triplets be preferable? i've deduced it was all just a clever ruse to get rid of the riffraff.

to pass the 1.25 hour long wait in line (see? they do make you pay just a little bit), darren decided to bet me a drink that destino would, in fact, be shown. pessismist that i am, i said it wouldn't show. he won of course. feeling a heady sense of power, darren got cocky and decided to wager another bet that i could not identify the songster responsible for the music playing in the theater. before he could put the period on his sentence i had already shouted out rufus wainwright!. now i don't know rufus from adam. and in a bitter twist of ironies, it was only because of darren and a wee bit because of fate that i answered correctly. darren has mentioned rufus to my deaf ears several times. and because darren had been the one to introduce me to hedwig and the angry inch and Tower Records, the day before i had stopped at a listening station to check out the new collection of hedwig covers aptly called wig in a box. of course, the first track is performed by rufus.

destino: the landmarktheaters website describes destino as not possessing a linear story line. i would like to soundly reject this notion and instead imply that the author of that statement simply has no heart or life experience with which to apply to this spectacular animated film short. i think the entire audience would agree that it was fantasticly poetic. it spoke to me as much as godot ever could. The Clap was not pleased with the music though. of course, with a nickname like The Clap, can you really take what he says at face value? it was a lovely score, spanky.

the triplets of belleville: we both granted 4.5 out of 5 stars. we also both agreed it's unfair to compare star ratings between films (re: girl with a pearl). as i used to tell boyfriends: it's not like you're all on a ladder... it's more like different dimensions. in other words, it was in its own category. the music was fantastic and the animation was charmingly creative and, at times, particularly impressive (of course, beyond the normal 'impressive' that any full length animated endeavor deserves).

i've seen a glimpse into my future in the form of one of the main characters... the grandmother. she was tiny, but solid.... her form certainly having contracted and expanded over the years of her life much as the universe does. why did i associate? she had one platform-soled shoe. this goes beyond the obvious of me having some tall shoes and rings of the little house on the prairie episode where laura's gimp friend inadvertently (god knows how) manages to get a board stuck to her shoe and voila! she can run and play like the other children, as pa silently notes from his position in the background just before disappearing into the barn to make the world's first ueber-platform-monster-combat-boot.

still don't see the connection? well, for years, i thought my spine was crooked after mom tried to fit a dress to me that kept going askew. a couple of years ago, the doctor saw no reason to believe i had scoliosis. so what if my shirts ride up higher on one end and my waist curves more on one side and there's a definite clip-clop heard whenever i walk down a large expanse of quiet hall. in the meantime, i've come up with a new self-diagnosis: peg leg. (i know 'peg leg' indicates a wooden leg, but i couldn't think of another term to indicate 'one leg shorter' that carried as much punch. so let's pretend once again.). today i shall begin wearing one monster boot and one not monster boot. no one will ever laugh at me again after that.

the end.

no! no! wait! you still haven't told us who The Clap is!

alright. hush hush now my children.

you didn't think we could get through an event without being in close proximity to an annoying patron, did you? chalk us up to three in a row, and over the impressive span of just 1.5 weeks, where someone felt the need to spontaneously clap. when i returned from my pre-show bladder dump and saw that a man was seated next to my chair, i already knew things did not bode well. though i silently applaud his enthusiasm, please please please do not clap one or multiple times during a movie. just don't. no. we've worked out a new system where, before any show, one of us shall turn and passionately caution the other against making a racket during the show this time. just a little warning to those within earshot that we don't take no shit.

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