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part I of the series homosexual tendencies and mullets: they go hand in hand

i've dallied far too long in finishing up the diptychtorial (if you'll allow me to create a new word form) post for the Great Movie Weekend. today i feel a bit like ass. ass with a headcold. i fear that i am consuming disgruntled soymilk which has artfully disguised itself by dressing in layers of coffee and my own perfidious noseful of swollen sinuses. despite these obstacles, i shall persevere. before dropping into a hopeless mass. here we go...

saturday: day of reckoning (not really, but that does sound more exciting, right?)

darren and i went to play over on knox henderson. he also (finally) introduced me to an area on industrial that contains a ton of antique shops. who knew? darren did. then we wound up downtown. despite the fact i only reside a mile from downtown, i find it astounding how i never wind up downtown. unless i'm hooking down by the greyhound station. so anyhow, we try to go visit the Mark&Larry's location only to find they were doing inventory. at least on the way back, i was quite pleased to pass the Pimp Daddy Clothing Store. from there, we went to tower records (another location i've failed to visit. really, i'm completely worthless on my own). lemonchiffon, i couldn't help but think of you after seeing all the indie mags.

off we go to meet up with amy for gigantic dinners and viewing of large-pointy-breasted-whorefully-dressed patrons at the green papaya while all around us speakers poured out music that would do the the gay clubs proud.

after arriving at the magnolia to see monster, i learn that apparently this is a much sought after film ticket as our showing was already sold out. i retain my stance that it's strange this particular movie has garnered such mass appeal. i guess i'm not the only one who enjoys a good serial killer movie. so after walking and walking and ducking into a few stores and consuming cups of coffee, we make it back to the theater to stand in line. one particular patron who was exiting the previous showing summed up the movie pretty well by saying: 'well, that was disturbing'.

sheesh. where to start. for those of you unacquainted, it's about the true story of the prostitute and first female serial killer aileen wuornos. the lead role is played by an unrecognizable charlize theron. she bedecked herself in an extra 30 pounds, fake teeth, brown contacts, and sun-speckled skin for the role. throw in the constant barrage of eye-bugging expressions and hideous hideous hair and you will quickly understand the true nature of why this film was disturbing. amy and i joked that we now had many hair and career ideas. darren later admitted to having nightmares about the hair.

now, you might think it quite hawt for me to tell you about one early scene showcasing a heated makeout session between charlize and christina ricci. however, fill in the details and it becomes yet another shade of hilariously disturbing. see the previously mentioned description of charlize, throw a mullet (yes! a mullet!) on to christina, have the makeout session begin on the floor of a roller rink during a couples skate to journey's don't stop believing... classic. that was hands down my favorite scene.

seriously, i suppose it was a good movie. i enjoyed it simply because of the hair. and it's true, there was one graphically disturbing scene followed by a couple more emotionally disturbing scenes. and i now wonder if this was not the same inmate i heard about in the one-sided discussion from that crazy burger-scented fella on my plane from PHX to PDX last august who was outlining every last Bush conspiracy theory to his unwilling plane companion including a woman on death row who bush refused to pardon. surely it is.

i lied. instead of a diptych, let's go for a triptych by saving sunday for a separate entry to follow immediately just so i can trick any readers into thinking this isn't as long and rambling as it really is.
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