changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

the bible versus holiday photos

i was __this__ close to applying for a position of employment when i noticed i was required to email my resume to the following:


that seems like some kind of a sign to me. the company is listed as Confidential and i can't help but think it's a ploy to enlist members in their top secret cult. well, they won't be getting their greasy paws on this girl any time soon.

alright. to accompany my most recent holiday posts, i've got some photographic paraphernalia for you.

after a long hiatus, darren touched a boob on thanksgiving. we learned he had never touched the boob of high school friend april (mistress of the virgin birth) and april was quite saddened and dismayed by this. so we forced darren to touch it and then we photographed it as well. is he scared? is he excited? i'm just not sure. huh. now that i think about it, there's a possibility that i touched it as well.

zipzipzip... now we're on xmas. not too exciting since i've decided to post just a picture of me and jeromy at the bar xmas night in lieu of the picture of jeromy and my mother doing karaoke to britney spears. oh well. you can't win them all.

bzzzz... now it's my favorite: new year's eve. bah.

look. it's jason #1. the guy with the fingers.

here is a closeup of the previous photo showing the head of a friend of jason's mysteriously emerging from darren's shirt. he is who i wanted to be friends with for the night, but they all disappeared into the den of gay before i got my chance.

here is the photo of the awful drag queen dj. it came out as poorly as i expected. as you can see, i did my best to show that the drag queen dj is attempting to reboard shis spaceship to return to shis home planet.

piece de resistance (meaning it was taken shortly before darren resisted my new year's eve kiss). kristen, me, darren. look what a good time we're having!
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