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invasion of the barbarians and the movie we went to see.

hmmm. where to start?

i believe we last left off at new year's day

after suffering through what seemed to be two weeks of solid weekends thrown into the middle of my already endless weekend-like existence, the weekend arrived. confused as we were by this phenomenon, darren and i made plans for the evening. if i'm not mistaken, this was the day where i had estimated there would be no plans and decided to uncharacteristically attack a bottle of pepi sauvignon blanc with the perilous intention of finishing it off. three glasses and a thoroughly scrubbed down 'kitchen' later, darren contacted me and averted my close call with a wine hangover.

we hopped quick as bunnies over to the inwood to catch a showing of the barbarian invasions. it was only so-so in my opinion. nothing at all to get worked up about. but we had to watch something while we're waiting for the real goodies to come out this month. since we've never passed a bar, we quickly convinced one another to enter the lounge (did anyone see that coming?).

the bar was bustling without a spare seat to be found. just as we were about to settle for sitting in chairs lined up against the wall or standing and being hopelessly crushed in the crowded walkway, two stools were miraculously vacated at the bar (it's never too late for another xmas miracle). we planted. we ordered. we consumed. we had a dandy of a time.

just for you lilbunni007: oliver is quite happy right now as he has just purchased a motorcycle he's been in love with since all the way back in 1997 which point i wittily asked if that's back when he was 12. hahahaha! 1997. why that's just yesterday on my planet. i also joined in and sang loudly my praises of buttery nipples on ice when a patron leaned across the bar asking what could be made with butter schnapps. how can anyone not know the answer to that. oliver concurred. i feel i should've gotten a tip for my bar expertise. i also fancy that i heard oliver talking to a trucker-looking fellow about how he's working on becoming a trucker himself. complete conjecture, but one just never knows... anyhow, there's your oliver update.

so sadly, here is the highlight of the evening:
as our drinking experience was drawing to a close, i noticed a severely severely alcohol impaired guy (let's call him Cocktail) insisting oliver and the other bartender still had his credit card. oliver insisted and provided various pieces of proof that this was just not true. finally, Cocktail produces said credit card and hands it to oliver. oliver insists that Cocktail hang on to the card and informs him he's been cut off. (too little too late). i'm thinking Cocktail has exited the bar and i joke with darren how we should dally a bit so we don't simultaneously hit the road at the same time as Capt Liquor... i mean Cocktail. next thing i know, the bar mistress is shouting for Tino the doorman (okay, i don't know if his name was really Tino but that's what keeps popping into my head and i kind of like it)... so she's shouting to Tino: "hey Tino! this guys squeezing all the fruit! he's just standing here squeezing the fruit!" i turn to see Cocktail next to me looking as confuddled as ever as bar mistress pulls out a tray filled with cocktail fruit goodness. Cocktail is escorted off the premises by Tino as bar mistress continues exclaiming: "he was just standing there and putting his hands in all the fruit!"

i laughed and laughed. and then i laughed some more. and then i found myself thankful that i had received my lime wedges prior to this incident.

then we began our walk to the car as we witnessed Cocktail wandering aimlessly about the parking lot and then finally taking up a hazy-dazy residence on a bench.

saturday i hooked up with mom who was in town briefly and tested her abilities to consume indian-like food by taking her to cosmic cafe for lunch. she seemed okay, but we can never be too sure with mom. i told her i'm going to try and ramp her up by taking her to kalachandji's (the local hare krishna temple) next time around. we ran a few errands and then i sent her on her way back to tyler before settling myself into a completely depressing saturday night which bled right into and through sunday. as far as i can tell, it's still sunday. that's how fantastic my schedule is these days.

and oh-sweet-jesus... this just in:
i see there is a film short called destino that will be showing before the triplets of belleville that was a collaboration between dali and disney. i think i just tinkled a little bit. jeez. and me without a dali userpic.

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