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the mint-infused chocolate cookies were good

friday it turned rainy and cold. thanks to cousins mara and donnie, evelyn and i had tickets to a dinner and dallas chamber orchestra performance. i even wore a skirt.

for some unknown reason, the dinner was delayed 45 minutes and once serving began, it was another 20 in line. after getting to know the kind 2.5 couples sharing our table and hearing how their sons all went to emory and one was now at harvard, we proceeded to the buffet line.

i did have the pleasure of standing in front of a gaggle of women in their 30's-40's, one of which was complaining she was great at small talk but sucked at in-depth conversation. "i was raised to be a social wife... not a deep thinker." or something along those lines.

they also began criticizing my new friend by saying that she needed to wake up because the 70's are over. one of them did pipe up to inform the others that the 70's were making a comeback in fashion and music. i gather this particular person missed the display of bellbottoms at bloomingdale's in 1990 not to mention the subsequent years of episodes of that 70's show. i also theorize that she has not currently seen the rows and rows of strawberry shortcake merchandise at the local target. even i know we're in an 80's comeback phase. i've even learned to embrace aspects of it (although i still think the return of strawberry shortcake is a tragic mistake). sometimes it hurts less to not struggle.

back to my new friend. i admit i didn't officially make her acquaintance, but i did admire her from afar. she came bedecked in tight black leggings of some sort, a jacket covered in large gold sequence, and a busily-patterned headscarf to accentuate her pineapple-blonde hair and skin tanned to the shade of frijoles.

i've included a picture of her here:

the performance was top notch. there were several pieces featuring a harpist and several featuring one of the members playing a double bass constructed in 1767. those pieces were definitely interesting and unusual. they held my attention moreso than most.

saturday was spent helping evelyn pack and move some boxes to the new apartment that she will be sharing with hank. we didn't accomplish all that much since approximately 1.5 hours were spent on leisurely conversation at la madeleine.

sunday, i learned i could no longer walk and had to resort to gimping. i cashed the day in after realizing i had zero drive to participate in the human race.

this morning, i learned again that i will have to continue gimping as a result of helping hank move yesterday. we accomplished a wee bit more than on saturday. however, approximately 1.5 hours were spent on leisurely conversation over a six pack of shiner.

i think i've found my perfect match in theHankEvelynMonster.
[i'm considering referring to them from here on out as t.H.E.Monster or the monster for short. but we'll see how that goes. especially since i haven't received confirmation that they received the xmas letter i sent to them over a week ago addressed to said Monster. but then again, they don't read this anyhow.]
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