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in america

in america – the magnolia - evilyn:
one of those movies i wouldn't recommend to someone else but that i loved anyway. more like a glimpse at a convergence of lives and not overrun with plots, subplots, and action sequences. you let yourself go into the movie and forget that anything exists outside of it for awhile. emotional. good acting. i liked the scoring on this one. the actress from movern callar. the older girl's eyes reminded me of ashleigh's eyes. the scene that made me weepy (before the seriously weepy scenes came along) consisted of the older daughter standing on a stage singing desperado in a pink felt cowboy hat accompanied by a piano-playing nun.

jim sheridan:
it was immediately obvious that jim and the q&a host had been imbibing in the bar area during the movie. three glasses of wine. he admitted they had sloshed him. when asked about how he felt finally seeing it on the screen for the first time after 10 years of work, he launched into a confusing, muddled story that contained car crashes, daniel day lewis, boxing, the first rapper oscar brown jr, marlon brando, women as lie detectors, and nothing about how he felt the first time he viewed the film. the host laughed and smirked and held his liquor better. when asked about auditioning the girls he immediately mentioned something about kafka before managing to complete a coherent answer to the question. when asked about why it took so long for the film to arrive in dallas, he mentioned the power of images, both positive and negative (well, he didn't want to go into the negative), and how he had once helped to set up a tv antennae as he asked us to assume the host was a nearby church.

as people began shuffling out of their seats because they can just not stand to remain seated for the final 10 seconds of a q&a, i was surprised that no kung fu ninjas fell from the sky to punish them as the pre-screening flier we all received seemed to indicate they would.
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