changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

a play that's not about a river. an assassination. a penis.

the danube: a play. clever in its presentation. initially based in 1930's budapest. it delineates approximately 31% into the 'plot'. i watch as the characters appear to undergo some kind of personal and sociological holocaust and write out their correspondence on a laptop before donning grease-smeared rain ponchos, rubber boots, rubber gloves, aviator caps, and an assortment of goggles. i hold my tongue for fear i shall show my utter lack of theater-going couth to darren by asking for an interpretation. i'm relieved when he voices the same reaction. we were both in agreeance that the scene acted out a second time with hand puppets was the jewel in the crown.

to clear our palates, we took in some beverages at the meridian room and avoided talking about gramps porn. is it possible i've worn out my welcome on that subject already? perhaps that was the source of darren's headache.

saturday at 12:30, i attempted to time my departure from downtown with a planned flashmob event at dealey plaza. flashmobbers. oh how they make me laugh. i witnessed absolutely nothing in that respect, but was pleasantly surprised to see there were actual activities going on in the area in recognition of the 40th anniversary of the jfk assassination. tons of people were walking about, but my favorite sight was an elderly black man dressed in white pants and a white blazer standing aside his truck which was wildly bedecked with i'm not sure what and also sporting a large american flag. it even beat out the sight of what appeared to be a woman picking lice out of her daughter's hair in front of the municipal building.

i tooled around a bit running errands and listening to the "lost" tapes of the radio broadcasts from 11/22/63... which were interesting, but depressing as well. i was amazed and dismayed by how many other people had decided to run errands at the same time. back at the ranch, i decided my upstairs neighbor has acquired one of the following:

1. a chainsaw
2. a jackhammer
3. a lawn mower

later on, after a nice power nap and my fourth cup of coffee, darren and i went to ft worth to dine with amy at the trailer park. then darren and i hit the wreck room to see big daddy alright and the flametrick subs. not much to report there except there was this one fella.....first he put his penis in my hand. then he put his penis on my upper thigh. he just kept putting his penis on me. it was my lucky night. and it wasn't even the tiny tiny little greaser who was putting his penis on me. he was a normal sized greaser. actually, i believe he was a member of the susans, now that i think about it. but anyway. penis.

today i ran errands with darren and ended up purchasing things i had no business purchasing. at least two of the items were xmas cards and a xmas present. even though i wasn't supposed to purchase xmas cards this year.

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