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i'm jealous. jealous of daisy. daisy had the opportunity to accompany darren to gaytown last night and from what i've been told, i missed what sounded like a convoluted episode of three's company. i won't go into all the details because it would require a chart showing who could run into whom and who shouldn't run into whom and who knows someone who knows someone else with whom you wouldn't want to run in to. a regular three ring circus.

the highlights: darren saw both wonderwoman and halloween hookup.

boy oh boy do i wish i had been there.

but i suppose that's okay. i did manage to go to the midnight movie: strange brew. i didn't realize how long it had been since i had seen that. i had forgotten most of it.

today i shot a roll of film of hank and evelyn making kissy faces and looking longingly into each other's eyes. i managed to keep my coffee down. then we made a brief appearance at the hip mama bazaar where i picked up a few trinkets for darren's xmas present. now i'm sitting here stuffed to the gills with the curry-eggplant-tofu dinner darren bought for me in the weird pink building. i know you think i take advantage of darren's kindness by letting him pick up the tab, but i did put out afterwards. fair is fair.

my father recently had a close brush with a fate you never want to see materialize. he was visiting his parents when my grandmother divulged she can no longer trim the nails on one of her feet (why one and not the other remains a mystery). a scene flashed before my father's eyes of having to cut his mother's toenails. alas, he lucked out when she continued by saying her friend referred her to a booty school to have it done. i wonder if he would've done it.

at some point, i need to remember to recount my favorite grandmother quirk. i can never get enough conversation about that quirk. i laugh and i laugh. it's just so weird and inconceivable.
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