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B-O-RED. THAT'S HOW I SPELL.... avoidant issues.

much to be done here. many forces are threatening to enter my home leaving me with no recourse in the way of lame excuses. i already told the apartment manager she couldn't come in yesterday because it's a mess. she just showed up at my door. i panicked. damn. is that really how you spell panicked. all this time i think i thought people were spelling it wrong but it sure shootin' doesn't look right without the k either. i'm sure the infallible lj spellcheck will let me know.

speaking of, lj isn't providing me with enough fodder to be too occupied to take care of my chores. c'mon people. just because it's the weekend is no excuse to go out and have a life.

this week, i managed to see 3 movies in a span of 48 hours. it almost became 4 last night while visiting evelyn in the happenin' burg of Plano. but we opted for observing her zoo of animals and talking about deviant sexual behavior (my theory being that it's become far too mainstream for my taste). of course, i had to take that moment to educate her on the glories of gramps porn. she did raise an interesting question: does the poo just fall out? how would he keep it in?

sadly, i couldn't answer her intelligently.

i'm thinking of getting a brand new pair of playtex gloves. or possibly putting them on my xmas list. mine have been absolutely ruined with muck stains from changing those sparkplugs. they could become cat litter gloves. i could have gloves stationed all around the apartment. i'm thinking of having an entire playtex body suit made. i'd be unstoppable. i'd fight grime and crime. oh, to dream.
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