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F'burg: no drag queens for me last weekend

i have returned safely from my father-daughter excursion to fredericksburg

we stayed at a place called the hangar hotel which is located at the tiny little f'burg airport. it was quite nice actually. it's built inside a hangar and decorated in Restoration Hardware 40's style. there was also a vintage-styled diner in the neighboring hangar.

the weather ended up turning very chilly (mid-40's) and damp. as usual, i was unprepared to dress appropriately for the weather. to top it off, i managed to time the onset of a head cold with our departure. (how i was able to contract an illness during my self-imposed house arrest, i'll never know). however, our combined remarkable timing did land us at our corsicana meeting spot within one minute of each other.

friday was spent tooling about main street and ducking into shops not necessarily for their appeal, but because it was time to warm up again. had dinner at friedhelm's where i was able to get my fill of spaetzle.

as a result of our early day (i got up at 3:30 after two hours of sleep), i landed in bed around 8:30pm. after two short power naps, i found myself tossing and turning for a good five hours or so. i've learned i cannot sleep to the sounds of snoring. i can't.

saturday we hit the WWII museums. they had tons of great artifacts and went on fooorreevveeerrr. and one of them guided us through several outdoor dioramas that froze our asses off. so we warmed them back up by dipping them in coffee and hot chocolate that was pricier and less tasty than your local starbuck's.

to keep ourselves from hitting the sack at 7pm, we decided to liquor up and play pool down in the lounge of the hotel before heading out to dinner. i whipped dad's ass at pool, but truth be told it was only because he insisted on doing things like scratching on the 8 ball. we both suck at pool.

we proceeded to a very weird dining experience at the sunday house german-american restaurant. i really can't describe what was odd about our waiter, so let's just say he was odd. there was a fellow there who turned out to be from india, living in texas, singing german songs. he made his feeble way around the room to the handful of guests dining there. he was a regular space cadet wearing a knitted, rainbow-striped beanie. he came to our table three times. i spotted him talking to dad on my return trip to the bathroom and managed to re-route myself to some visitor's brochures. then there was the mentally challenged busperson who silently reminded my father he'd left his jacket at the table by staring at him. i say busperson since i thought it was a busgirl, dad thought it was a busboy, so we just split the difference and scuttled quickly away.

after a more restful night (1.i learned that bouncing my legs on the mattress was enough to make dad stop snoring for a time, 2. i had two beers and tylenol cold pm in my system), we headed out sunday and stopped by a vineyard that was disturbingly far down the backroads. there was a frightening little "festival" going on that took us all of two minutes to meander through.

a little something special:
thank god. after much discussion about the freaky ass character costumes worn by astroworld employees during the 70's, i finally have a picture to show you (borrowed from lilbunni007). see what i mean?:

that's just fucked up.
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