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i ponder: will he get down with the gospel boogie?


they just showed airforce one landing at dfw. this is very exciting news for me. it also explains why a wicked wind has been whipping up outside and why the birds have begun shrieking like there's no tomorrow.

they say he's going down to oak cliff (aka: the hood) to do some campaigning/fundraising at the oak cliff bible fellowship. seems like a highly dubious location for our whitebread presidente to choose. i mean, if you want to schedule a drive-by or a highway shooting, the folks in oak cliff are your best bet.

oh shoot. he's taking a giant helicopter across town. it'll be really hard to knock that thing out of the sky. but i suppose there's always wind shear.

the northern lights are currently visible as far south as houston. but maybe that's just bushy hellfire.

if i don't show up for "work" tomorrow and someone comes asking you why i died, save them the trouble of an autopsy and let them know it was a stroke caused by a dislodging caused by the beer.
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