changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

i'd rather play with my balls, thanks

i have, once again, had my nose rubbed in my defeated attempts to provide high-quality toy-age for my kittens.

as the overflowing basket of cat toys still sits largely untouched, my cats will find other ways to occupy themselves.

today, as i brushed and brushed and brushed hair off of oskar and formed a compacted hair ball approximately the size of a golfball, this is the toy he decided to play with. before i could finish, he'd already batted this miniature version of himself from the couch to the floor and had scurried off after it.

fortunately, i was able to perform a switcheroo with some sort of foamy, gaypridesque rainbow ball that managed to occupy his attention for all of 45 seconds until he spotted some manner of debris under the stove that was probably more his speed. oh no, sorry. apparently it didn't meet his specifications since he is now attempting to drag something best forgotten out from underneath the fridge.

dirty cat.
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