changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

i can't believe the fabulousness is over. or is it? ...

i was just toodling down central expressway. as we approached the white sedan wearing an up-do of red&blue lights, all of us were minding our p's & q's. and it's a good thing since it turns out we were driving with the postal police. the what? the postal police.

so why was i driving down central expressway? because i had just finished the viewing of party monster. maybe it's not a five star movie, but i've decided to like it anyhow. i think i may have been cured of my seth green crush. oh lordy. if any of you ever end up seeing it, turns out the real brooke was sitting a row in front of us. added a little more fun to the screening to have her entourage there.

now, even better than that...i'm pretty sure i just got darren to agree to go to club blue (i know i said i didn't want to go to club blue) on friday for the party monster halloween party. no wait. it gets even better. darren says we'll really have to dress up for something like that. i will wet my pants if i get to see darren in some semblance of drag since darren does his best to refrain from all things transvestite. he tried to kick and scream and say no at first. but after one more gentle prod of my puppy dog eyes, he all of a sudden came flying out with the makings of a game plan. i know he secretly wants to go but wants everyone else to think i forced him.

lilbunni007: this might be your chance to see a photo of me wearing a string of nursery blocks around my neck. (i'm teasing. hopefully it won't go down that road).

i'm a little scared. i don't know how to be fabulous.

okay...just one more for the road. then i promise it's likely i'm done posting these things:

if you are attending a movie at the angelika and are queued up outside the theater, please refrain from dropping popcorn on the floor. and especially make sure you don't accidentally throw a handful of popcorn at your companion. look around you and you will see the kindly staff as they are cleaning up for your sorry ass. c'mon people. you're in your late 20's and you are not at the UA or Loew's. try and show a little class.
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