changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

baggies filled with golden spoons.

my vintage golden spoons, which brian said i should buy, though i have no good reason for buying golden spoons at this present point in my financial history, arrived yesterday. they are especially golden. more golden than i thought would be possible.

stanley roberts designed them and he put his name in a curly cursive font on the backs of the handles.

they are marked "stainless", and i know steel isn't golden, so i worry-wonder lightly about what the golden part really is. i wonder-worry less than i would if they were modern day spoons, and subject to the litany of questionable materials people of low ethical quality might employ in the manufacture of golden spoon coatings.

i feel a small twinge of guilt handling my deluxious set of golden spoons, as my first thought of purchasing one was with the intent to send it to adrienne on the event of her 40th birthday, with the hope that she would use it to put something celebratory, and hopefully food related, into her mouth. i don't know why i was unsuccessful finding the golden spoon at that time. my skill set in the area has developed in the interim. and now i sit with my greedy hands coveting that which was originally intended for another. i am dirty.

i can see small divets in the backs of the spoon bowls, and i received the flash of an image of vintage teeth nibbilng into them. a close up of a mouth on spoon. tiny, tiny dings.

old things, time machines.

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