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though the original plan for this week's 15cent movie at the lakewood included me plus possibly four other people, it ended up me going alone. i'm proud i ignored my tendencies to flake on events that only involve me. so off i went to see hush, hush sweet charlotte. after being exposed to the plentiful fountains of blood spewing in kill bill, i found it even more entertaining to gaze upon the severing of a hand and a head that appeared to consist of completely dry rubber. i reckon it appeared this way because it was completely dry rubber. but that is neither here nor there.

so that made the first few scenes entertaining enough. after fending off sleep for the next two thirds of the movie, it got good again towards the end when the myriad of plots and sub-plots began to come to light. there were so many fantastic moments at which to giggle. the ending (i won't spoil it for you since i know you are putting on your shoes right this instant to run to the video store and rent it) earned a thunderclap of applause from the audience. in my opinion, the husband-to-be was lucky to meet an untimely demise rather than grow old to the increasingly annoying screeching sounds of bette davis.

last night, once again, i went alone to the free screening of km .0 at the inwood. (there's no way i would've paid to see this movie; but, much like sex, when something's free, its attractiveness will almost certainly increase by some degree).

i think evelyn summed it up quite well during the preview by describing it as one of those wacky italian comedies. so what if it turned out to be from spain. wacky italian / wacky spanish... it's all in the same bag.

[side note: evelyn's instinct for all things international seems to be wildly off these days as also evidenced at the screening for the station agent when she admitted to wanting to ask bobby cannavale if he really speaks italian or just learned it for the movie. it seems the clue that was the puerto rican flag on the side of the character's truck slipped her attention.]

this movie managed to combine elements of three's company, oedipus, pretty woman, it's a wonderful life, and others i can no longer remember …all tied up in a pretty and trite bow at the end with the entire cast of characters exiting a diner only to collapse in a group hug out front in the rain. oh, except for the guardian angel, but only because he wasn't truly corporeal.

what i brought away from this movie:
"you can be a whore and clean."

it's my new motto. i'm thinking of having t-shirts printed up.
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