changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

fun with kids.

this morning, i don't know why, i told the children that oskar attends school and has for six years. after i drop them off, i help oskar dress in his school uniform and put on his four, little shoes and i take him to school and then i pick him up again before i get violet.

violet just asked if oskar was back from school. as she pet him. oliver wanted to know what he had for snack.

i like picturing oskar in a school outfit. he could pull it off.

violet says cute things. like,
tayota (pinata)
pumice (hummous)
feaver (beaver)
jenny pig (self-explanatory)

oliver says cute things. like,
i'm going to kill you
i'm going to cut you in half
when fairy eggs hatch, you have to hold them over the toilet because they pee in their eggs, but it's not yellow like ours... it's red... so it looks kind of pink through the egg

he is growing and learning every day.
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