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changing lives since 2003

it's the first rain over here. RIGHT NOW. i've finished wondering all the rooms, searching for signs of a water apocalypse. we discovered what appeared to be painted over water spots in the ceiling of our bathroom, the roof over which is "flat" and which has received recommendations for replacing. i don't remember the spots looking cracked. i stood on the edge of the tub and poked one with the handle of a scrub brush, but no water came pouring down like the last time i poked a ceiling with a stick.

clouds don't really do my energy levels any favors. we've been in here for 2.5 weeks and, though it looks way better now than on day one, it still looks lik a shit explosion. i know my sister would have been 110% unpacked after one week, so i keep bumping into that measuring stick and falling hopelessly short. the clouds and failed projects make me want to circle my wagons around a burrito and a pile of blankets. but i have children, so the burrito is all i get.

it's like. there are all these projects, but they aren't just STEP 1: buy kitchen cabinet from ikea and assemble. it turns into having to borrow a toyota highlander from a friend who lives 25 minutes away, meet at ikea, get it home, bust that shit out all over the floor, realize one side has not had the hole bored properly, having brian get a replacement the next day, discovering the ikea helper gave him the wrong size screw locks for the new piece, having him go back two days later to get them (and not the next day because we thought we were decorating the tree, but realized the decorations needed to be retrieved from storage), then setting the unit upright to discover the drop off in the floor is at least a one inch differential and despite getting a unit with leveling feet built excitedly right in, we have to figure something else out. i have been to home depot a couple of times and purchased different things and experimented with different pieces of wood, trying to find what looks the least shitty. then we need to decide how much trim to pry off so it will fit closer to the wall and put in the anti-topple device and do some other thing with a drill to the back and attach the doors and have severe anxiety over where to drill holes for the handles.

and this is how every single last project goes. i finally realized home depot had the exact right sized blinds for two of oliver's windows, purchased one set today, held it up to the window to confirm it is exactly right, drilled and installed the brackets, feeling like a total champ, and realized the brackets take up just enough room that i can't quite get the blinds in there no matter how hard i force them. then, i released the blinds and realized they are several inches too short.

we decided to put our cd cabinets in the foyer. a couple of days before moving, i realized a sconce needed to be removed. i emailed jason, our handyman friend, several times about how to do it and got all angsty about doing electrical work. the cabinet has just been sitting all in the middle up there and the floor is sloped (like all the floors) and i have to find feet to level and screw in another anti-topple bracket and, after several trips to home depot, found a junction box cover which might work (but i bet it doesn't) and i worked up the nerve to find the breaker for the light AND I CANNOT FIND THE BREAKER FOR THE LIGHT. so brian's mammoth collection of cds are just sitting in a mountainous lump on the floor.

the dryer finally got a dryer vent installed. did i tell you that the installers showed up and told us there was no dryer vent? they also told us the box in the wall with the hardware and line to hook the ice maker in the new fridge was not actually attached to the waterline. it took the handyman a full week to respond and get over here to install the vent. we were drying on our tiny drying rack. the dirty laundry was taking us over. and now, the dryer door doesn't register as closed, so i have to lean a board against it and a full magazine holder against the board and go in there every ten minutes to push on it again after it wiggles around. who knows when home depot will call to schedule to come out.

it's been a week since the handyman installed the vent and we have not heard back from him about fixing the master shower. the one that puddled all over the bathroom floor and by the toilet my first morning here because EVERYTHING the flipper worked on has something not quite right about it. this one being particularly egregious. i don't like showering in the tub in the tiny bathroom where brian insists on keeping this gigantic, black litter box that takes up half the tiny floor and i worry water is seeping around the gaps in the spigot and handles and that the patched hole in the floor of the tub is going to unpatch itself. the hot water smells horribly of chlorine. my nostrils are singed with it for an hour after cleansing myself.

bitch bitch bitch.

in other news, we live in a house! it has some nice features! the yard is huge! we're spending money on things like we are loaded! we're going to spend xmas morning RIGHT HERE!
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