changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

we'll live here forever.

we were getting 3-4 showings/week for the couple of weeks after dropping the price. nibbles, no bites. the girl who came through last wednesday said:

1 of the top 3 out of 27. She's going to be deciding this weekend.

and then we never heard a thing. even after offering $1000 cash back. okay.

nothing more materialized from the spoiled 20-something except further reenforcement that the home into which we brought our babies does not fit in with her youth and lifestyle. oh, well, PARDON ME. LET ME GET MY WALKER OUT OF YOUR WAY SO YOU CAN PEEL ON OUT OF HERE.

i don't want a hater living in my walls anyhow.

we decided to kick things up another notch and drop the price another thousand on monday. we had a showing last night that went almost well:

Showed very nicely. Buyers impressed but not having a utility room a negative. Do you know if the HOA allows condo utility connections?

motherfucking washers and dryers! are we the only people who can cross a narrow strip of asphalt to do our laundry? well, brian can. you won't catch me laundering outside my own home. so guess who's getting a second estimate from a plumber.

in a glorious moment of excellent timing, we had another showing scheduled for this morning. glorious because we'd be riding in on the place already being scoured for last night, for those of you not familiar with the vernacular of those living in the whirlwind of selling their home. and then, it was canceled. interestingly, it was with the agent of the spoiled girl. kristen followed up on the cancellation and learned it was a different buyer. he canceled because he decided he didn't want to live anywhere pre-1980 because he has "lead paint issues."

seriously. this is the new reason we are not selling our home. the phantom of lead paint.
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