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changing lives since 2003

i love my realtor. she even gave me a calendar and school directory before i paid my pto dues.

I left the meeting early to get to my casa Linda neighborhood party and ran into the builder/remodeler of country club. Ricky and Julia put a back up offer on a house he redid in little forest hills plus he stopped by my open house on Lakeland one time.

I talked to him about country club and he explained that the other partner debbie overpriced it and that he wants her to lower the price to $205 or $199k. I told him about y'all and he said Debbie had mentioned y'all and your condo and he told her she should buy the condo which is an interesting idea but when I told him how much it was he said that's probably too much. He basically told me he needs his money out of it and that Debbie has no problem sitting on it bc she is very well off. At least we know he is motivated so if you made an offer of bw 205k and $210 they would most likely take it.

we haven't heard back from the mom & dad or their 20 year old daughter buyers yet. we had a new showing yesterday evening and we have another tonight. i can't believe my rotator cuff hasn't torn again.

we've been having increasing problems with our dear, tiny child. the one named oliver. he's always been a handful, but he threw a full, metal water bottle through the cabin of my new car on sunday because we didn't snap around in our seats immediately to open it for him. i need to remember to collect a dollar from him for scuffing my car. i'm thankful the windshield wasn't cracked, nor any skulls. he time-outed alongside turtle creek. he playfully punched my front bumper. saturday, he hopped off his swing at the park on maple and hopped on the swing violet was waiting to board. he refused to hop down. then he refused to sit in time out. brian was going to take him to the car. then he spent five or ten minutes walking after oliver as he ran in giant, screaming circles around the entire playground. he finally sat while violet and i finished playing. we left when he began pacing.

somewhere in there, maybe after the turtle creek incident, he cheerfully told brian from the back seat how he was going to punch him in the face and stick a knife in his eye and pop it open, or something like that. he has also started telling us that he's going to arrest us and put us in jail, which might be partly my fault for telling him about things which are illegal, but boy howdy, he might have to put me in jail IF HE DOES NOT SIMMER IT BACK DOWN.

we sat him down at the dinner table sunday night to address these new sayings of his. this was very serious. i don't know that we've ever sat a child down at the table without putting a bowl under its muzzle. we even flanked him. we asked where he was hearing these things. octonauts? when we touched on school, he clammed up, squirmed around, and tried to duck under the table. when he does this, it just plain freaks my shit out because it feels like he's just pulled a giant red flag out of his underpants and started waving it around. and he WILL NOT TALK no matter what avenue you take to try and find his talk button.

we asked about the first day of school, when he said he got separated from class during gym. he said they were on the playground and then he clammed up again. we asked if someone had kept him separated or pulled him aside. did someone bully him. WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON.

i finally told him if he couldn't help me out, i would need to email his teacher to make sure he's safe. which also gave me the opportunity to piggy back off the email she never responded to during the first week about the nature of his small breakdowns she had mentioned.

her response was to offer a conference the following afternoon. i couldn't make it then and asked if she was aware of something troubling and she finally gave information that she knows of nothing and didn't know about any separation since she doesn't go with them to gym and she could have him talk to the counselor and the counseling dog and he does great and reads to her and everything else and the breakdowns seemed to be going to the bathroom and he would cry when she asked if he needed to go and she assumed that meant he did and she would personally escort him there. and she totally adores him.

so we decided to lay low, as parents, and chalk this up to him being embarrassed and hopefully not tortured.

and then i read things yesterday, like this, after having read months ago about some other wooden box room used to isolate small children. and now i have to search for things like seclusion restraint dallas isd.

oh, and then last night, he spit a mouthful of toothpaste saliva on brian and the floor and cackled off to bed.

kids! boy is he going to get it when we're 80 and he's 48! guess who'll be spitting some toothpaste saliva then!

violet's swell. i watched her walk to her second chapel session this morning. all the children were being verily choked by odd name tags by their throats indicating whether or not they would be communally sipping from the 100% silver cup of germ-anic death and destruction in the name of jesus christ. violet does not. she did spend approximately one hour night before last, post-bedtime, dying one thousand tearful deaths about put blankies on her because i had put blankies on her and she had chosen to get up and refused to put blankies back on herself. and then i put blankies on her after she finally passed out.

on a good oliver note, kind of, he saw this set of balloons and a balloon pump at old navy and decided it is his life's mission to become a balloon animal artist and he wanted that thing so bad, but he had blown all his birthday money on a bucket of k'nex and a k'nex rollercoaster and damaging my car and somehow, brian put it into his head that he could sell balloon creations at the park like that scary-ass austin clown and i looked sideways at brian and said, briaaan. and he said, what? he could.

and so now, oliver is intensely planning a pop up craft shop this saturday for the neighbors to purchase crafts he has still not made and he has told everyone who passes to keep their eyes open for the signs with arrows which he will be placing on their patios and in their gardens, and maybe right in their homes, and come buy crafts so he can purchse the balloon set up and then offer to sell balloon cats and dogs to his new classmates. we talked him down from $1000 per craft item to $6 to $.50-$1.00. i have been doing my best to extricate myself from being present at this because i really and truly cannot stand being a part of sales in any capacity since my days of selling rocks and doodle bugs. i did my time. this is brian's gig.
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