changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

this whole house selling-house buying business is really working on my nerves.

i'm hoping that our luck with getting a showing scheduled having a rather direct relationship to houses we love going under contract is able to work in reverse. because moments after getting notification that the house we love just dropped in price, i booked a showing for tomorrow. possibly a SECOND showing. our only second showing so far. it's with the realtor who came over a couple of days ago with the ageist young couple. either she talked them into trying again or she really digs our place and is going to club all her other clients over the head until someone buys it. either way, judith, i'll take it.

i'm in such a twist right now.

ps: the cat dentist just called. oskar is now upper fang free, but all the other teeth are in better condition than expected. he might be lower fang free in a couple of years. crossing my fingers they saved me the fang so i can have them both strung up on a necklace.
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