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showing #11.

i tried to stay several yards back from oliver this morning while he was lined up, but he started to panic and was trying to wipe away tears so i had to move closer. he was still getting all worked up even with me a few feet away. sariyah was behind him and started putting her arm around him. i think i saw him trying to shrug her off while they were walking to class. the good part is i tried taking mockingbird to st james again yesterday and can get there with a few minutes to spare. so, whew. less white-knuckling the steering wheel.

before dropping anyone off, oskar went back to the vet for his dental cleaning. i'm sitting over here hoping he doesn't have a heart attack from the stress and that i don't have a heart attack from the bill. i'm so tired of being poor.

the day we went to my parents to pick up the new car, oliver became fascinated with these clam shells my father keeps with a bunch of beach debris in the pot of the sego palm. he convinced my father to go through the cds of his vacation photos to find the one he took of a clam still in its shell on the sand. they printed it out for him. back home. he had me find another photo of a clam and print it out. he cut the small bits of text off, cut the photo out, and made a two page book. then, he hounded us for 24 hours to take him to jo-ann to get felt to make a clam after deciding he couldn't knit one like he had seen in another online photo. i finally dug up some felt here and he made a tiny clam held together with tape. i think there was some more business in there about clams before it finally died down and he went back to planning his 10-student, 5-day arboretum camp about chihuly glass. this child does not pretend. he is very literal. he wants me to invite all these children i don't know from the first grade and have their parents pay to take them to the arboretum. oh boy. you don't want to crush a little boy's aspirations, but mommy can't handle that much uncomfortable social interaction at once.

anyway, he was really hot to go to florida to find his own clam shells, which broke my heart more than it was already broken by the fact he does not remember the beach from when he was two years old and dear violet has never even seen the ocean. we never have the money to go. it's never a good time. i hoped and hoped i could make it this month, when my father has a condo rented for all of september at september's super low rates, but then i got the truancy information for DISD and realized they would be knocking on my door after day five of unexcused vacation. now i'm searching for armpit hotels in galveston that will let me get away with two nights in october for less than $200. i'm going to have to take my own florida shells with me and seed the beach for the kids, because all i can remember being on galveston beaches is bottle caps and broken glass. ps: violet needs watershoes.

around 4:30 yesterday afternoon, i received a request for a showing from 8:15pm-8:45pm. which means we would be out of the house from at least 8:00pm-9:00pm. for a frame of reference, bedtime is 8:00pm. i had kicked around the idea of taking the kids swimming, but transferred my time and energies to cleaning instead. i vacuumed the whole house, steam mopped the bathroom, kitchen, and bits of other rooms, cleaned the bathroom, did a stack of dishes, fed us dinner (what a great day for cooking up a curried soup), did another stack of dishes because the dirty dishes never run out, tidied oliver's room, forbade oliver from going into his room or sitting on the green couch, propped up pillows, tried destinking the place, and about 40 other little things i do for each showing. brian showed up from work and changed the litter boxes. we put the kids in pajamas and loaded them into the car. we drove around, hoping they'd fall asleep before the call to go to starbucks became too strong to resist. brian retrieved toilet paper and paper towels from target and laundry quarters from the quarter store. oliver finally passed out. violet began complaining that her body hurt and she's in that phase where she just repeats herself ad infinitum, no matter what you say or don't say to her. she was the one i was hoping would pass out so we could sidestep her current routine of not staying in bed for a good 45 minutes after bedtime. we went back home and brian carried oliver while i carried other things not violet, while violet mournfully chanted, "mommy pick me up!" just working herself into a lather, she was so tired. and i picked her up once we were in the bedroom. i then worked for 45 minutes, skipped a much needed shower, and crashed so i could get up particularly early to take oskar to the vet.

i tell you this because i just received the feedback from last night:

We had looked at several others in the area and client decided he did not like the location. It was after CSS had closed so could not call to cancel, my apologies for the inconvienence.

oh. so no one came over after all. that is grand.
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