changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

to find another peg upon which to hang our hat.

potential buyer #7, the one who dangled hopes of an offer before our noses, has opted to keep looking. i reckon he didn't want old ladies stealing his underpants from the communal laundry.

the agent for buyer #10, the most recent, left this feedback:
Liked the unit but felt that the complex was too old for their taste. They are in their late 20s and want to live in a complex populated by people like them. The fact that the owner of this property most likely is EXACTLY that person just sailed right over their heads. Sorry.....

hey. who can blame them. some people move to a place because they actually want to know their neighbors. and i don't doubt they got an eyeful of old ladies and bob from the picture window in the front living room. they'll probably move to the block diagonal from here with its poolside cabana and non-stop parties.

it also seems apparent that i decorate like a 20-something year old. yep. i've still got it. it's all incense and peppermints around here. blue light bulbs and glass bricks. jesus candles and red velvet couches. thrill kill kult and ministry playing softly on the 200-disc cd changer. i've said too much.

on the playground before school this morning, oliver, all of his own accord, set his backpack and tiger box on the bench and strolled over to where paige was standing with her father and the lady dressed like a peacock and told her hi. then he stood awkwardly nearby for a moment until the whistle sounded and everyone scurred like cockroaches.

he began talking to me quite a bit about school over our vegetable soup dinner last night. i'm still confused by the trajectory of the details, but it seems on day 1, he managed to get separated from his class while in the gym. i think maybe that's when he peed his pants? somewhere very close to that time. he said another teacher saw him standing there crying and got the coach and somehow, he made it to the nurse's office to change clothes and then i think the other teacher got him back to his teacher and i had to wonder how long it was that his teacher did not notice him missing.

my eyes leaked when i went into the kitchen and pictured him, terrified and lost and crying to no one, his pants wet. and i wonder how his teacher could say he had a great day. and i wonder how it didn't come up in the email reply she sent me last week and is this what she meant when she said he has "small breakdowns" in new situations. can't wait to do this again next year.
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