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such discomfort: it's like my water bowl has been relocated to the moon.

hey! yesterday was dry pants day number two!

his teacher responded to my email last night and mentioned he has minor "break downs" in new situations. to me, that would warrant a follow up example. i have fished for one. she also cooks vegetables from the school garden for the class and sounds amenable to supporting oliver's diet in the classroom. hooray!

today, oliver got to wear his STONEWALL JACKSON tshirt. navy with a white star. they were supposed to have some kind of back-to-school field day at 9am, followed by a celebratory popsicle. we keep skirting the part of the dress code where you're supposed to tuck your shirt in and wear a belt. i heard the principal holler at one boy to tuck it in and i made sure to pretend i wasn't listening and became intensely paranoid she was circling us to judge oliver's shirttails and the fact he was wearing dark brown shorts instead of khaki. she knew his name by the morning of day two, by the way. that woman is good.

this morning, i chatted with paige's father while we stood next to the kids waiting in line for the teacher. she was the one who sits across from oliver, with the winning smile. turns out she's very shy and i said i was surprised because the two times i had seen her, SMILE. and paige turned around and looked at us and said, SMILE. just like that. he said she went to white rock montessori and they held her back a year. she turned seven as oliver was turning six. holy shit. i wonder if there are any ten year olds in his class. maybe he should be friends with paige.

on the way to drop oliver off this morning, we got a request to show the condo at 11:45. on the way to drop violet off, we got a request to show the condo at 10:30. both new buyers. we've been averaging a showing a week for the past two months and now this. i've just learned last night's prospect thought we had a washer and dryer connection. damnit. so we might lose yet again because of that. it could lessen the chances of the future bidding war, which has begun taking place in my imagination.

we had a few minutes to kill after picking up violet and her yellow playground flower and it occurred to me it was likely oliver was on the playground, so i pulled up on the side of the road behind the school and scanned the immense crowd of fast-moving little people. then, all of a sudden, something caught my eye. it was oliver with a lady hanging on to each arm and three more behind jockeying for position as he attempted to run full force, dragging them along like he was going to be quarted by ladies. these girls were all at least a head taller than him. they must have blown a whistle to line up because he managed to break away and his big hairs flew behind him as he ran, all five girls tumbling after him, hands grabbing.

i giggled and laughed and almost cried to see his legend continue and hoped he was enjoying it instead of trying to get the hell away from them. i also hope being the target of lady attention isn't another reason to be bullied by the boys at that age. my plan is that he'll be too small to be bullied. like, they won't even know what to do with him.
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