changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

days two and three. less terrorful. more urineful.

on monday, after a day of not realizing my full potential due to a temporary case of first day PTSD, i was back on the white top, nice and early. nice and warm. whatever happened to horseshoe parking lots for drop offs and pick ups.

at 3:15 and after a couple of bells rang, i saw oliver's class following their teacher out of the building. i waved waved waved until he spotted me. he started wiping at his little eyes in this way he has when he's trying not to cry.

his teacher said he had a great day.

alright, swell!

we went back in through the delightfully ancient gym and located a single toilet restroom in there where i could empty out my coffee bladder before meeting with the school counselor. i encouraged children to do the same, knowing them as i do. during oliver's turn, he seemingly gleefully pointed out how he was wearing different shorts and i was temporarily flummoxed. it turns out he had been too scared to go to the bathroom and ended up peeing and pooping his pants. he was sent to the nurse to change into some size six circo brand lady undies and a pair of khaki shorts sized down with a safety pin.

dear god.

he was a little short on the details and i never learned where it happened and how it came to light for his teacher. i tried to reenforce how it's a heck of a lot more comfortable to ask your teacher to go to the restroom than to go in your pants. something i'm not convinced he agreed with. especially since he has to walk way on down to the other side of the first floor and it's one of those schools from, i don't know, the 30s or 40s with the gorgeous, yet imposing hallways. at least for the smallest, most timid kid in the school. so yeah, restrooming in his pants seemed a viable option. besides, he had not taken a water bottle to lunch, only sipping delicately on a water fountain sometime around playground time.

we stepped into mr. keith's office and barclay, the golden retriever counseling dog, was sprawled out in the middle of the small floor, looking luxurious in his well groomed, honey-and-amber-colored coat. he came slightly alive, looking a little agitated while remaining horizontal. mr. keith said barclay was having to retrain him to give a treat every time there's a visitor. i briefly wondered about barclay's waistline and glucose levels. he consumed his treat and barely moved the rest of our visit despite having a pair of size 9 sneakers in his face.

we had a short, feel good conversation to allay any concerns about oliver transitioning from montessori to public school. i asked about the transfer system and decided i would not even attempt to get one into stonewall, one of the most sought-after elementaries in DISD. way too stressful and unlikely.

the drop off on tuesday was out on the white top. brian came with us. we arrived ridiculously early. there were kids tearing it up on the playground and on the four square court. we sat on a blue bench on the edge of the white top and patiently waited for children to begin lining up with their classes.

oliver held my hand.

second day of first grade

eventually, a bell rang and people began organizing and we went to the line previously indicated to us by sariyah, a friendly classmate of oliver's. we stood with him and waited for his teacher and the second bell. before we knew it, we realized the line had already started moving. i pointed this out to oliver and he whipped himself around and frantically trotted across the arc the line was forming and i redirected him back to his spot in line. and off he went. wiping at his eyes, but not crying.

i returned home to clean for hours for a showing with someone wanting to know if the complex is approved for FHA loans. it is! i left early to pick up oliver and violet passed out, as planned, and i drove by the country club house to make sure no one was inspecting it and then drove myself to the starbucks for a latte and a non-vegan brownie. shhh.

i was still early to school and parked in the shade. which was not shady enough to combat the temps in the 90s. violet woke up and we trudged across the field to the white top and stood under one of those trees that drops mysterious wet things on you. the children began parading out and i immediately noticed oliver's shorts were SOAKED, dear god. i wasn't sure if we were required to get the teacher's attention before removing a child from the premises, but she wasn't seeing me and i'm pretty sure oliver didn't want to be seen and so we hightailed it out of there.

i was feeling pretty frustrated.

after much fishing for straight answers, i ascertained the accident happened on the way out and he confirmed he did find it more comfortable to restroom his pants than walk down the hall. there was much discussion and i tried to contain my frustration, but i mean. COME ON. basic stuff here.

i talked him up and down, trying to figure out how they handle the potty. he did his usual, incredily craftful dodging where he does things like convincingly answer a question two opposing ways and not at, all at the same time. like, he tells me the boys' room is under the stairs by the gym, which i know he knows because that's where we went when he pooped his pants while i was trying to fill out enrollment forms. did i tell you about that? and then he tells me how he knows where the girls' restroom is, but not the boys'. and he's also telling me about things called stop 1 and stop 2 and stop 3, etc, which i think i find out means restrooms and they're all over the place and so he knows where they are, but he doesn't know where the restrooms are. just go ahead and color my face purple-red.

brian is super irritated when i call to tell him and when he gets home, i remind him that mommy has already exhibited some frustration, so let's not have anymore. at dinner, brian tells oliver he's going to have to start paying for the laundering of his potty pants, which i feel uneasy about because the kid's obviously suffering a good bit. and robin says i should have some kind of dry pants championship and i like the sound of that, but have to think if there are any slippery slope offshoots. because everything's a slippery slope with kids. it's all tangledy.

i also learn he did not turn the laundered clothing back in to his teacher and he argues they have other shorts in there anyway.

i emailed his teacher for help, only to find out during the wee hours of this morning that i used the wrong email address. so... i suppose i should go ahead and throw a towel down in his carseat now.

i managed to get violet to school approximately 30 seconds before her classroom door closed this morning. she was five minutes late yesterday. this mess is stressful. two schools in the morning. two schools in the afternoon. and that extra trip yesterday to take the tiger's head lunchbox that was forgotten. i'm exhausted from all this newness and feel anxious, which freaks me out even more when i consider we're trying to sell our home. i want to go wipe our listing from the market and curl into a ball in the bathroom and shave my head.

ps: my mother found another corolla that isn't pinged to death with a cracked windshield. it is a 2011. one year newer. we went to tyler on sunday to retrieve it and swim in a pool. i park them next to each other and take their pictures. a tow truck is supposed to call me to make a date with the 2010. and then i will get some kind of magical check in the mail. then i will spend some of it on having my cat's teeth cleaned. THE LUXURY.
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