changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

i can't have nice things.

well, our future house is under contract. by someone else. someone who's walking around pretending like it's theirs. because it practically is.

it's weird to me that i had a flat tire, making me 45 minutes late to pick up oliver, placing me in direct line of sight of the inspection. screw all that positive thought and hand of fate malarky. that's just a big, old kick in the face from fate. and it happened within fifteen minutes of booking our first showing over here. never mind that i will get to drive right on over there twice a day to take violet to school. no stepping out from the backyard and into the parking lot.

there is just so very little out there that meets our criteria. i'm afraid i'm going to settle too much. i'm afraid this place is going to sell. we can't afford to live in extended stay and shit, we have three cats. i don't know where to register oliver for school, which happens in a matter of weeks.

i'm in quite a state right now. maybe we can scare them off if we set a small fire in the garage or vandalaize the porch.
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