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parts of violet's birthday and reporting on hail damage.

we had our playdate yesterday. aaron spent the wee hours of the morning vomiting, so delayna backed out. it was maya and andrea, maya being the three year old and andrea being the my-age-old. my children were all over interrupting us as much as possible while leaving maya to fend for herself. violet, in the throes of her regressive phase, even climbed up on to andrea and tried to convince her to hold her like a baby.

it ended around three, which is pick up time for catie at camp and also the time children decide to pour all the macaroni out of the sensory box and add water too it right there on the floor.

i found myself scrambling a good bit to make birthday pizzas, gather up the dinner items, wrap presents, charge batteries, empty camera memories, find a roll of film, freshen myself up, and make children pee. not that violet hadn't already disengaged a full bladder all over the floor in front of my bedroom door while i was on a phone call. she'd rather pee herself than go into an unlit bathroom. apparently. i mean, she really means business on that one, no bluffing.

brian came home a little early, due to the fact it was a release day and he would have to head back up there from 7:30pm-3:00am. i melted just thinking of the sun being an hour higher in the sky than when we usually birthday picnic at the park, but it turned out to be the usual amount of 95 degree hot.

anyway. i'll save the rest of the birthday for a proper birthday post to be written two years from now.

this morning, i scrambled around after my phone/alarm decided to turn itself off in the middle of the night and i magically woke up only twenty minutes later than planned. fridays are splash days, so i had to find a towel and sunscreen and a change of clothing he wouldn't use. and then hotfoot it across town to the caliber collision center across the street from love field. it was quite a system they had going there. some poor fool was hired to sit under one of those booth tent things at the parking lot entrance, wearing a short sleeved button down and khakis. he pulled out a clipboard and asked my insurance company and directed me to the three parking spots with red TRAVELERS signs. we went in and were assigned to another lady who took us to a large waiting room equipped with long tables, chairs, and snacks. violet had decided to not eating her soy yogurt and raspberries this morning, so i allowed her a bag of rold gold pretzels and held off as long as i could at looking at the ingredients. i mean, you'd think a company could manage to make something as uncomplicated as a crunchy pretzel without corn syrup and malted barley extract, but apparently that is where i'm wrong.

considering my mind had not been able to advance past getting oliver to splash day with the appropriate gear and ourselves to the collision center, i had not brought a single thing with which to occupy violet. say, suitable foods, a water bottle, or any of the present she had opened which were designed to keep her busy during exactly this kind of situation. as luck would have it, she is the most calm of my children and the one hour wait kind of flew right by. she ate her poison pretzels, drew pictures on my phone, watched a photo slideshow, and then began chatting wildly. she waxed fictional about how miss charlotte would carry her around school like a baby and swaddle her and then she announced to me and the other ten people in the waiting room how she would drink milk from miss charlotte's nay-nays. she's been into nay-nay milk lately. she tried to sweet talk me into letting her have a go the other night, yanking aggressively on the front of my tank top while i tried to work a one hundred piece outer space puzzle with oliver.

we came home and children ate their breakfasts and their ramen lunches. brunch. brian's home with the slumber and his newest illness... a cough after five days of sporadic fever and headaches. i think we'll take a trip to the pool waters soon. brian plans on convalescing on a lounge chair.

i'm trying really hard to remember that tomorrow is our anniversary number eight. and then i am DONE with june 2012. i even contacted my sister for babysitting services so as not to waste a saturday holiday, but she's having the gall to travel on a family vacation to florida. i'm refusing to delete the hotmail calendar reminder in my inbox because i don't think i can make it all the way through to tomorrow without forgetting some more. boy, what an easy-to-please wife i must be when i can't remember my own anniversary. who wants to marry me?

i don't know. there's really nothing else to report here. i'm just trying to teach myself a lesson that i can write frequently. it's not that hard. i can do it.
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