changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

ow. my eye.

right before we went to look at houses tonight, brian's mother called him and spun a yarn about his brother being in a car accident today and having things flying around injuring him.

well, none of that part was at all true. turns out what is true is that he was out on a job (he installs home audio/visual components) and he was using a drill with a three foot drill bit. he dropped the drill and the mammoth dirll bit WENT STRAIGHT INTO HIS EYEBALL.

how he is not dead right now, i do not know.

instead, it tore the front half of his eyeball and cornea off and somehow flipped it around to the back of his eye and the drill made its way to his retina. again, don't know what the hell stopped it from going any farther.

he pulled the drill OUT OF HIS EYEBALL and told his customers he couldn't finish the job and proceeded to drive himself to the hospital. how he was not unconscious at this point is beyond me, because i sure shootin' felt like i was going to hyperventilate and pass out on the bathroom counter while brian was telling me this.

three doctors took a gander at it and patched it back around and decided to try and operate on it tomorrow morning. and then they sent him home. SENT HIM HOME. he sent this photo looking normal, except the one eye is all reflective green looking. and they're worried about infection from sticking the big old dirty drill bit straight into his face.

i think my eyes might be bleeding.

earlier today, i was driving my car home from dropping oliver off at summer camp and worrying about how i would make a living if i ever went blind. i'm considering adding this as a minor point to my dossier of psychic events.
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