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real estate: it's not just mental.

oh, blarg. our real estate agent, reggie, is coming to our condo this evening. everyone is terribly hot to sell my home with very little thought as to where my next one will be.

i vacuumed a little and spent 15 minutes doing some detailed scrubbing on the refrigerator. now i'm sitting here drinking a latte and eating chocolate frosting. our bedroom looks like deanna's house ran into a box factory. i've found the more i progress through time, the more i can't find the energy to care who finds out i'm a mess. i didn't do a single thing for the workman who showed up a week ago. i lit a candle. that was it.

anyhow, we went to look at three houses with reggie two point five weeks ago. a 1950s number right there on e. mockingbird, a straight shot through the pretty neighborhood behind it to the lake. it was obvious an old person had lived there for some time. the mustiness made my throat ache for an hour. the roof looked like it was trying to rot. the yards were a glorious clean slate covered in ivy dust and brian swears the little leg of the backyard that was chainlinked off contained an underground bunker. boy, to get to open that creepy ass door. i facebooked a photo of its tub handles. a C, an H, and an arrow. same thing in the shower, minus the arrow.

there was decent closet space, vintage-tiled bathrooms, a hunter green push button phone by the toilet, a master with a walk in closet and french doors to the backyard. but that entry. you walked into a valley flanked by two living room mountains. one to the right and one straight ahead. that was hard to overcome.

the second house was a mix of three decades. there was a mod add on over the garage with one of those atomic age metal fireplaces. the kitchen was tiny and inefficient, there was not a dining room and only half a breakfast nook. brian said we could just drop the leaf and measure our table. as if that would fix everything. do you see what i'm up against here? the yard was gorgeous and so big that the tastefully landscaped above ground pool did not interfere with the sizeability. it was in the middle of a beautiful neighborhood that was one half block away from the backside of this grassland part of the park and walking distance to another park and the lake.

the third house was over by marianne's. it also had a nice-sized yard with a dog run where we could lock up the kids, but the house was kind of shoebox-sized. i think. oh, i've got houses two and three all sewn together into one house that i don't want to live in.

reggie called it a getting to know what we want day. he had me send an email with links to houses we liked style-wise and i couldn't stop myself from making 95% of them gorgeous mid-century numbers. he promptly never sent me anything back at all, just like the first time he was our realtor. he only sent brian the name of a man who came out to our place and turned our tub back from lavender to white at the cost of giving us respiratory diseases with the fumes. we have also had our ceilings repaired by a man with fewer fumes and more dust.

after thinking we had found a new acceptable enclave of home over there in lochwood, i was plummeted back down into despair after learning trulia was assigning the neighborhood a top-ranked middle school that actually exists in ohio and not in east dallas.

tonight. after he looks at how messy we are as a people and gives us some kind of target selling range, we're going to go look at that house that seems to have a decent backyard with a miniature pool (hot tub), is likely too small, is sandwiched between an older two story and a mcmansion in progress, and has a magnificent view of the grasslands behind flagpole hill. it's where the horses and free range peacocks live.

we'll also be looking at another down on the far end of that street that is also too small and will likely have a yard consumed by the driveway. i really hate these fish eye photos all the realtors are posting these days. the third house is on e. mockingbird with an efficiency unit over the stand-alone garage so that robin and adrienne could have their privacy together when visiting dallas and not have to share a hotel bed. i anticipate it filling up the yard. i forget what the fourth house is. i think we're scheduled to have a fourth disappointment tonight.

oliver had his third day of half day summer camp up at the school today. he's smartly eating granola bars for snacktime while the other children have purple cow smoothies and spaghetti nests with chicken nuggets. how gruesome for the little chicks! horrorshow spaghetti saucy bloodbath. today, he did not eat his from-home snack and, instead, participated in eating lamb cookies. sounds to me that the wool was made of marshmallows. ugh.

ps: tomorrow is violet's third birthday. how have we arrived here.
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