changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

i'm not a soccer mom anymore! is that something that can be undone?

oliver tells me after five seasons of soccer that he's done with soccer. "okay," i said without hesitation.

his uniform fits well now.

after a rough season marred with equilibrium upsets like family illness and holidays and and a missing soccer ball and out of town-ness and the referee noticing he didn't have shin guards for the first time and not letting him play and him refusing to wear anyone else's shin guards, i was about ready to say we weren't having a trophy or a celebratory pizza dinner (which, of course, has been canned anyhow).

but then we had our last game last saturday and even arrived 1.25 hours early, thanks to a secret schedule change. oliver played at least three quarters of the game in the bedraggling heat. he even volunteered to go in at one point. he might have spent most of his time jogging after the pack in a lackluster fashion, but he did stop the ball once when it ran into his legs and i somehow got all these high action photos of him to preted like he's some kind of savant soccer star. those last two just crack me on up.


said farewell to the old potty chair yesterday. WE'RE DONE WITH DIAPERS and POTTY CHAIRS!. i left oliver's little reward stickers haphazardly stuck to the back and handed it over to delayna for aaron during after school playtime yesterday. violet became rather sentimental, despite not having used it in about six months. she tried to get naked on the sidewalk and use it, though that might have just been more for novelty's sake. she was nearly in faux tears last night over it and asked after it this afternoon. i calm her anxiety by telling her she can visit it at miriam's house. i calm my anxiety by telling me i can visit it at miriam's house.

brian successfully craigslisted his old television, which we've watched approximately twice during the past five years. and then he took to making what turned out to be a cat bed of 140 cassette tapes from the glory days so that he could try to push them off on some unsuspecting internetite. it's like we're cleaning house to move, or something.
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