changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

inviting: it's the last time i ask. i can't make these critical decisions by myself.

i don't know. something just doesn't seem right. brian's complaint is it's too colorful. really? what is wrong with rainbows, especially when you're jazzing up a black and white? i told him he wouldn't be happy unless it was doused in brown, poo green, and grey. and he agreed.

but i can tone down the rainbow.

i worried the font on the first one was too small. then i thought the second might be too big. then i thought there might be too much around her head, though i enjoy imagining they are like little thought bees buzzing around and driving her to pscychosis with her cake knife. ignore the part where some of the colors are hard to read.

oh, what do i care. they're just going to be used to wrap around everyone's chewed up gum before being stuck in a purse.

last night, i picked ozzy up like the cat-shaped barrel-shaped cat he is with the intent of shaming brian for growing such a thing. his dandruffy back was against my supple front and his legs were sticking straight out, because he can't bend them anymore, and he proably squeaked a few times, as that's the only noise he can make with the room left inside of him and he will make this noise with no bigger prompt than a tiny poke to the middle. i stood in the door way between the dining room and the back living room and said fifteen times for brian to look up from his old casssette tapes for his guilt shower. and then ozzy took his paw hands and laid them along side the side end of the ikea expedit and pushed with all his barrel-shaped might, thusly throwing me backwards and banging the back of my head into the doorjamb, at which point i staggered a bit with my mouth propped open by the surprise of it, trying to make surprised noises befitting the situation, and then i dropped him to the floor, during the trip of which he ejected his left hind leg with super claw poking feature and landed on my foot.

i should probably check to see if i have a pustular wound under the lid of my shoe.
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