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since it's the end of april, i've been in birthday party mode for at least a couple of weeks now. i've pretty much nailed down what we're giving the kids. i'm trying to come to terms with the fact that oliver seems to want a party at Pump It Up with the bad lighting and tacky decor, instead of The Little Gym, with natural lighting and tolerable decor.

yesterday afternoon, he nearly gave me an anxiety attack after saying he liked these pretzel-winged butterfly cupcakes and then decided it should be something else with pretzel wings that flies that isn't a butterfly which, in his head, equals a toucan.

i took a series of deep breaths while googling BIRD CUPCAKE and boy if he didn't like every last one that required some combination of chemical food coloring, expertise on the piping bag, or fondant work.

the thing with oliver, and i don't know maybe every person under the age of seven, is that he is very agreeable with whatever you suggest or show him, but be careful not to show him more than, say, one possible option or it turns into sky's the limit time. though, i was careful to show only one cupcake and he managed to do his inventing thing straight out of his head. so, you know, no winning here.

in the meantime, i've begun focusing on the two invitations. i'm pretty sure i want this for the family party:

now comes the struggle to pick just ONE awesome illustration for the kid party. i've been rifling through an assortment of children's books over here.

the things i didn't know we have in books around here. the chapter on childhood diseases and how the wind can explode a house were surprises.

what to do.

ps: oliver asked me something about dying while we were driving to soccer practice last tuesday. it had been a couple of months since we'd covered that ground, so i reiterated my talking points for a couple of minutes. he was quiet. i asked if he had any questions or if he felt scared. he shrugged. i reassured him death is natural and nothing to fear and a Mysterious Great Adventure and i asked again if he had questions. he paused before saying, "why is that car small?"

he was rewarded with a lesson on subjectivity versus objectivity, to which he responded, "how can it be small and fast?" to which he was rewarded a review session on subjectivity versus objectivity.

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