changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

i am doing many things and nothing at once.

the other night, oliver said anyone who wanted dessert would have to poop their pants. and then he made a little raspberry noise.

when violet wakes up in the morning, she bursts out like a little ray of sunshine with some of the best morning hair around and these gorgeous cheeks that you would like to pinch off and eat for breakfast. her teachers say she's started talking a lot up at school. she was in charge of brining snacks this week and while she's been experiencing some hesitation about going in the door when i drop her off, she didn't even bother giving me a hug on monday because she was carrying a bouquet of these generic white flowers that were as big as she and she just marched straight in all the way to her cubbie.

i've had severe writer's block when it comes to scrapbooking my life on here. what the fuck is wrong with me. i haven't even composed a full paragraph of my annual xmas letter, now my annual january letter, soon to be my annual february letter.

i have been a bit of a wiz (whiz?) around the house lately. i finished caulking the toilet and put new bolt covers on it, which involved removing some nasty nuts covered in ancient thread lock. i magically moved the surprisingly heavy ikea thingamajig brian originally bought for his music stuff all the way into oliver's closet to replace the armoire i gave back to my parents. it's looking much more awesome in there now. i moved the little mid-century desk over to my corner. i re-taped the phone cord from when i taped it in front of robin and adrienne last summer. i've added an action item to my to do list to figure out how to make the jack in here work so we can not have a line running all the way from oliver's room.

i've made some difficult decisions about getting rid of some things (difficult for me, not for the average person). i've pretty much finished painting that piece of wall and have purchased molly bolts to hang the book ledges, but need to exchange them for a smaller size and it's raining cats and dogs out there right now. but, the fabric i finally chose (for one of two throw pillows) arrived yesterday, so i'll be making my first slipcover here after i stop procrastinating.

i've repaired some of the clothing that's been sitting around in my needs-to-be-repaired stack.

i am conquering the earth.

i just can't post about the past two xmases or birthdays.

i should hopefully have a new used car by week's end. hopefully, my poor and darling camry will last until then. she is falling apart in spectacular fashion. i try not to think about how she'll be leaving soon. the credit union is giving us a 3.5% loan rate. i think there was a discount involved since brian's birthday is in the next month.

oh, i don't know.
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