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school observation.

now that the second half of the school year is underway, i got to do a 45 minute observation of violet's class yesterday.

i arrived a few minutes before 11:00 and found her sitting in the toddler sandbox. it was a couple of minutes before she noticed me and then she hopped up and trotted over to grab my hand. caroline was certain this meant her mother was going to come to class as well, even though it's her nanny who always picks her up.

violet was doused generously with sand. i sat her down and unleased a tidal wave of it from each cuff of her jeans and shook it out of her shoes.

the new year marked the beginning of potty training for all the diaper kids. dottie's the youngest and tiniest and without her diaper on, her sweatpants were down under her butt cheeks. after a teacher corrected this, it was discovered she had pooped her pants.

we wandered through the labyrinth of the halls in a loose, unruly line and got all caught up out in the garden before finishing the walk into the classroom. claire was on and ready to show me the slide. violet went down second and riley third, leaving a wet streak behind her. i asked if she had gone potty and she seemed to be indicating she had. she went down the slide again and i confirmed i was not seeing things and sent her off to miss charlotte. violet wanted to use the potty and i got a glimpse of the chaos that accompanies working in a room filled with 12 preschoolers. even with three adults in there (myself not included), it was a lot of work. there were lines of thick and colorful mucous coming out of just about each of the 24 nostrils.

i sat with violet to look at the fish and watch her work on the puzzle with the magnet before being told i was really supposed to be at the table on a bar stool. i moved over and violet brought a work to me. after a few rounds of coaxing, she managed to spend some time in the circle learning about texture and listening to bear hunt and singing some songs.

not too shabby.

i'm still trying to convince oliver to let me observe in his room. i never have, for fear of disrupting his particularly delicate balance. the other day, i arrived as he was wrapping up the stamp game with his teacher... it's a method of using groups of tiles (1s, 10s, 100s, 1000s) to learn how to carry mathematical amounts (exchanging 10 1s for 1 10). it's kind of complicated and it's one of the reasons i'm glad he's spending kindergartgen there.

he brought home a new batch of work in his envelope. he seems to have made some big leaps and bounds with his drawings. i'll consider scanning, for my livejournalling pleasure.
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