changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

uh, ikea.


i am incapable of chronicling my groundhogs day life, to overuse a term.

we broke down and purchased two pieces of ikea furniture yesterday. brian wants this gigantic white table with a melamine top upon which to spread out every last piece of musical/recording equipment he owns, and you might be surprised by the inventory. he was attaching the legs and forgot the washers and undid the legs and inserted the washers and redid the legs and, as i was helping him flip it right side up, we realized it was damaged before all four legs even hit the ground. when will we learn our lesson. the first screwing in sans washers had allowed the screws to penetrate the top side just enough to crack off the surface. it is now my goal to learn how to get cancer from using plastic seam filler.

which reminds me, i finally got all the caulk off the toilet and applied my first caulking. the whiteness of it really shows off the filthy-colored tile grout, which has already been handscrubbed. oh, someone just bury me in a stream of caulk while i relive the moment where i had to ask a stranger, "excuse me... could you tell me where i could find caulk?" followed by asking the african american man kind enough to help me by selecting a tube when i rounded the corner and was faced with an impossibly long row of caulk options and i said, "IS IT WHITE." and unbased caucasian guilt got the better of me.

i just spent some time assembling the pine trofast shelving for the kids' room. right out of the box, a little chip came off, which i gorilla glued back on. this one ledge that fits in a grove was cracked on both ends and their was a ding on the bottom shelf. THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED BEFORE IT CAME OUT OF THE BOX. oh boy.

i accidentally dressed my children for the near-springlike weather my phone was promising me at 6:30am. oliver loves to wear shorts in the winter and i was pleased to tell him to go for it. i nearly put violet in shorts with knee socks or whale leg warmers. then, right before we left, i threw open the windows on the sunny day and was greeted by 18mph blasts of semi-frigid airs. theo's dad, wearing shorts, said he also experienced the same weather data error. what on earth and since when.

i don't know. i came here to write about xmas 2011.
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