changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

i will invite people over some day.

as enjoyable as all that mess was, i am so relieved to be on the other side of xmas (aside from xmas #2 this weekend). everyone is back to school and back to work. i've even had some work this week with frightening promises of more. a presidential election year, god bless me. mid-terms knocked me straight on my ass.

to celebrate the lack of celebration, i have been attempting to dig this house out of the knee-deep muck into which it has descended. there are dusty lists of projects and filthy surfaces everywhere. yesterday, after tiring of all the holiday broiling, i replaced the oven's baking element AND I DID NOT EVEN ELECTROCUTE MYSELF. i forced brian, who was home with a poopy stomach, to come into the kitchen to watch it glow. he asked if it was an emergency. i told him it was an emergency of my sensitive emotions and he wandered in there and said, "oh, that's great, thank you." and i was astonished at his low level enthusiasm over this extensive feat of mine. so he rubbed my shoulders and tried again. i couldn't even keep him in the kitchen for more than five minutes to make sure i didn't die fixing his oven.

i've also taken to scrubbing the grout of the bathroom and kitchen floors. disgusting. i've pulled up most of the old, uri-poo colored caulk out from around the toilet and am down to one stubborn strip before i can re-caulk. i purchased mesh tape to patch a hole in oliver's wall, but i think it's a hair to large to successfully complete in that fashion. but, since i'm not quite up to cutting away the sheetrock to the studs and replacing it, i shall proceed and just let the new owners eventually find that pocket in the wall to deal with. LEMONS.

i collected some paint chips to figure out what color to paint the book nook, but still haven't found the fabric to make the pillow covers. it's got to be hiding in that closet somewhere.

i hemmed my first pair of pants over the holidays and plan on doing two more, along with mending a growing stack of unhinged clothing. i've been vacuuming, steam mopping, and dusting. i've removed most of xmas. i've dreamed up 10 new projects to dream about.

and this place looks like it exploded. but it's the good kind of exploded, where you're making that kind of progress that requires blowing some shit up.

now i need to take a screwdriver to my writer's block and see if i can get motivated this year. look out for the xmas 2010 post!
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