changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

freeing the beast.

well. we've unleashed oliver into the courtyard on his own for the first time. he's down there sitting in a chair on joanne's porch just chatting away with her like a little man. abandoned building his on-the-ground squirrel's nest and everything.

she left her annual xmas presents for the kids on our doorstep this week. she included a note in the card saying how much she enjoys seeing them... even when they're just coming and going. she worried when we hadn't made it home by 8pm the day after xmas. she sees us when we're sleeping. she knows when we're awake.

speaking of awake, the leaf-blowing people have arrived to destroy the nap we just finished carefully crafting for violet.

it's is 74 degrees out there.

ps: he's back out there for round two after the leaf-blower ran him and joanne off. talking the ears off squirrels, trying to convince them to catch acorns in their mouths for lunch.
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