changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

calling all my prayer warriors.

i'm a big bundle of nerves right now. whenever i have the presence of mind to remember to be a big bundle of nerves, at least.

brian recently put my first born in his car and began shuttling up the highway to OKC without the lady-folk. it's the aunt imo time of year and we were all going to go up there yesterday, but violet started waking up with oliver's fever. the three of us have this terrible crud in us and now i'm just waiting to get hit with the fever. i think violet's been carrying around some low-grade fever for awhile and then it bloomed to its full potential night before last and carried through to last night. so i have spent hours worth of wee hours out in the living room on the couch with her. the first night, she slept on the couch with me only to wake up and settle into some filth that had been underneath the coffee table, which had been rolled away. she just snuggled right up on to the bamboo laminate, crying out in her half sleep periodically. and i was like, whatever floats your boat. i give up.

and so it would be miserable to haul her all over the state of oklahoma and we didn't want to make his brother's family sick just in time for xmas and we really didn't want to make aunt imo sick and so brian and oliver are off to go look at brontosaurus bones and living horse flesh without us. while violet acts 100% not sick over here.

all i can do is think of everything that could go wrong, because that is a mother's duty. i forgot to tell him to go with him to the back yard, even though the pool has a little fence around it. i told him not to fiddle with his cd player or anything else in the car and not accelerate while approaching cars that are slowing down. will he hold his hand crossing the street?

no offense brian, but brian does not have the mommy powers. he is captain distractable. oliver nearly got a concussion before even leaving the house when brian decided to pick him up and take him to his room for a time out (he's supposed to go under his own volition with properly applied motivation) and oliver writhed and managed to kick the dinner table and shot himself headfirst out of brian's arm and the corner of his forehead landed on the bowl-shaped drawer pull of the buffet. that doesn't really do good things for my comfort levels.

i don't think i've ever spent a full night here without brian and certainly not without oliver. i find it interesting to spend time with only one child because i tell you what... combining them increases the amount of strife exponentially.
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