changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

made a little girl cry today.

her name is miriam. she's the newest on oliver's list of smitten followers and boy, according to her mom and one of his teachers, is she ever smitten.

yesterday, after his weird post-school coma thing, i gave him pita chips and ibuprofen after a 1.5 hour nap and bam! he was just fine. like, the ibuprofen hadn't even kicked in, so i assumed surely it hadn't been so much a fever as my cold hands. we have to lie to ourselves sometimes, now don't we.

we were all geared up to go to miriam's house today for the play date. when i arrived with oliver at the door to his classroom, there she was, bouncing bouncing bouncing. filled with anticipatory glee. her mother says she woke up saturday morning asking for a playdate with oliver and asked approximately 400 times more that day.

when i arrived back at his classroom door, mrs gavin said he had a fever and a bleary-eyed oliver followed those words right on out. and i was like, crap. and there was miriam standing behind him and i whined how we were supposed to go on a playdate. and we went to his cubbie and i turned around and saw miriam's mom and i was like, crap. and then i looked down and saw miriam BAWLING her eyes out and boy did i feel shitty. like, maybe she thought i was totally throwing the playdate. and then oliver was kind of wrestling around with violet's arm while we were trying to reschedule and i was like, uh, are you SURE you're sick? and he kind of tried to say he wasn't and i regretted asking him because there was no way to pretend he didn't have a fever. and an oliver who is well certainly would not have marched straight to his room for an actual sleeping siesta.

and so i told miriam that friday after their xmas party would be far superior as it will be a half day of school and we can stay a lot longer. and she kind of stopped crying, probably beause she didn't want to cry in front of me.

nicholas's mom says he was ill for like a week and a half with what she suspects was the croup, plus a double ear infection. you see, there was a kid up there somewhere with the croup and the school sent us an email about it so we could all wring our hands in a croupy frenzy. and oliver coughed and she pointed and said, see? and so i called the nurse.

what do i do if this child has a 10 day illness and i have an immuno-suppressed mother waiting over there by xmas and between now and then, a xmas pageant thursday night with singing and handbell-ringing kindergarterners and a xmas party? i swear this child has had a fever EVERY SINGLE YEAR during the xmas party. except maybe last year. i don't know. he's allergic to xmas pageantry.
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