changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

perhaps it will begin raining roof repairmen..

nothing thrills a young boy more than waking up to being rained on.

i woke up to a thrilled young boy explaining what i thought was a nighttime wetting of pants until i heard something about the ceiling.

you see, i don't know if i ever told you that a couple of months ago, i heard drips mere moments before leaving the house to go pick up violet. having been plagued with water leaks for 10 years now, i carefully, fretfully followed the sound to a crack running through oliver's ceiling and culminating in the exit wound for his fan. it was dripping away and, when i poked at it, it cried me a river.

we never got around to figuring out the reimbursement process for getting the sheetrock fixed. it is one of the rare occurrences where the HOA will actually be responsible for something inside your moldy walls. they did send out some people to patch the hole. but, as brian is fond of mentioning, those roofs all look like shit. shingles missing for years. who knows what's happening up there on that flat part.

i tried to relax and believe the roof was one solid piece now. and it worked! i tricked myself! and then, the heavens let loose all day yesterday and sploosh. i had seen bob out in the parking lot the other day and he mentioned how another unit had flooded and their ceiling had fallen in and he mentioned the old poking-a-broom-handle-through-the-ceiling trick to relieve the pressure. hey, we have a broom. i was only successful at cracking off some of the white part and slightly separating the seam between the two pieces. there was no gushing out.

did you know no one will come to your home to do a damn thing if it's still raining?

the forecast calls for 90% chance of rain from now until 4am. then less than 90% of rain through tomorrow. brian says it's raining in the same spot up there in the attic.

oliver's never been so excited (yes he has). after being very busy and giggly putting out cloth napkins on his floor, he's been leading around violet by the wrist on the curly ribbon leash from his dentist balloon while she pants and puts her tongue on people and pillows.
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