changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

speaking of plauges...

last night, violet was all tossy and turny and not sleeping and i was sitting with her on our bed and she sat up and it almost looked like she was throwing up, but wasn't. brian tried going to bed with her, but she kept getting up and coming out to me. she would lie on me on the couch and get up and squirm and move to the other end of the couch. she has a cold, so we thought she might be stuffy nosed and painy throated. brian shot her up the nose with saline and gave her pain meds. her tummy was also rumbling and farty. so we were like, diagnosis made.

brian went back to bed with her and she came back out to me again and snuggled all over me. she finally got up to go back to bed and halfway between being on me or brian, she blew out about a quart of everything under the sun. a rich tapestry unfurled again and again from her mouth and all i could do was stand there and hold on to her to keep her from tracking the vomit she was standing in. brian staggered out and stared at us while she continued to hurl and i was like, "DO SOMETHING. GET A NAPKIN. GET A TOWEL. GET A BOWL." and he finally grabbed a roll of paper towels and we all stood there collecting ourselves and soaking our feet.

everything was cleaned up and violet started wailing sadly, tears dripping into the big bowl. i thought more puke was coming, but it never did. the old puke mats came out and little bear was turned on and brian went to bed. i eventually began falling off to sleep again the more sure i was that she wasn't going to puke every 15 minutes, only to be woken every now and again to start another wonder pets. when she got to the point of actually whooping it up and trying to build a tower out of empty cardboard boxes, brian put her in her bed and we all slept happily ever after.

until 6am when ozzy puked and in the process of cleaning that up, i found some of juana's patented diarrhea on the floor by the box and then later, i realized i had dragged the step stool we use as a table for violet when she's on the potty through a pile of cat vomit.

brian was all, "oh my god i don't know what's wrong with me my throat is burning i'm staying home from work." because he is sometimes like a kid trying to stay home from school. and so, since i'm entering the scabby part of my herpes face, i had him take oliver to school. he had the nerve to try and trump my virus face with his itchy throat.

at the last minute before their departure, violet became very earnest in her efforts to put on a dress and the green boots and a sweater and i realized she was trying to get ready to go to school and it broke my heart and she was grabbing at the back door after them, saying she wanted to go to school. and then she got over it.

thought the worst was over. then i got this from the school:

There is a nasty tummy bug sweeping through the metroplex and it has made its way to the school. Symptoms include:

-No nausea, more of a slight stomach ache, then sudden illness
-Recurring illness. parents are reporting their child only threw up once the night before and seemed fine, only to be extremely ill the following day. Children need to have not thrown up for 48 hours to make sure this contagious bug is gone!
-most are not running fever

oh, swell!

the water has been turned off here for the day. i'm fighting off period cramps and nausea due to sinus drainage. i can scarcely wait to see what will happen next!
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