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open school.

forget it. strictly photo posts for the rest of my life. picture, thousand words, who needs to write anything?

so! we had open house (open school) wednesday night. as brian's work hours have grown increasingly hostile to the point of canceling his vacation time next week, he was unavailable to attend. i had very little time between my third drive to the school to pick up oliver and my fourth drive to the school for open school. i abandoned my soaked cashews and diced carrots which were yearning to be transformed into delicious potato soup and, instead, crammed burritos into the faces of children and spent thirty minutes feverishly working.

but we made it. barely. we practically had oliver's room to ourselves and it was fortunate we went there first, as violet was too shy most of the time to really tear it up. she found the sorting shelf and was overjoyed, shoving my hands over there to do the work hers were still too timid to attempt. she started sorting some beads and i was impressed with her skills. mrs bailey thought this would be an excellent time to sit us at the tiny floor table and demonstrate a sorting by touch work. a blindfold! with eyelet edging! violet dutifully donned the blindfold and slid it up just enough to see underneath it. she's pretty smart, that one.

after an hour, we scurried over to violet's room where it looked like most of the guests were already processing through. we looked at the fish in the aquarium. did some more sorting and spooning. took a ride down the slide. and both children spent some time giving the pumpkin a sponge bath out on the deck. oh, and violet also showed me her pottying work, as she was making some very stinky and ominous farts.




here is a bonus photo of violet shaking it up in a basket of pumpkins. and oliver wearing his new, hard-won big tex shirt. while practicing his pose, he said you have to always keep your hand waving and he wanted to make sure i got that in the photo.
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