changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003


violet just brought the magna doodle knock off in here and put it on the floor by my feet. she drew a couple of overlapping circle-type shapes and said, "circle, mom. circle, mom."

sometimes lately, and i don't where she gets this, she's started saying things like, "hi, beth. hi, beth. hi, beth."

she peed in the potty after school today. it's been too long. we haven't been good about potty time around here the last couple of weeks. i heard the splashing from two rooms away. we high fived. she had stayed up late from napping to accomplish it and lost her figurative shit (if only it had been literal!) when i had to remove her avocado and pita chips. legs flailing, angry tears flowing. it took a little work to get her to simmer down and sleep.

she's still trying to kill the old lady cats around here on a regular basis.

she discusses coffee sometimes. she just fed me the dregs of my frappuccino three times. uh oh. now she's going for some. she'll never get it.

she looks so shell-shocked when i drop her off for and pick her up from school whenever there are classmates wailing. she never does though.

OLIVER BROUGHT HOME HIS FIRST SPELLING TEST STUDY LIST TODAY. oh my word. first homework. it's cute now...

he made some kind of "creation coloring book" at some kind of chapel thing yesterday. it sounds like they're bumping the jesus/god business up a notch. he said it's not too nice the way they put him on a cross because he died up there. and god is everywhere, especially in the chapel and the chapel work room. we need to get to a buddhist sermon at the old unity church, or something. i can try discussing freedom of religion and spirituality with him and he'll respond with something like, "can i have some pita chips?"

he had cow yogurt today. we had to have a talk about threats when he said he wouldn't stop eating cow's yogurt if i didn't get him some apple juice. this is his new way. the threats.

ps: while working on his first practice for his first spelling test, oliver perpetrated his first blame of a fart on someone else (brian).
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