changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

Dickies: Official Outfitter of Big Tex.

for the past couple of years, since he's passed into a tangible consciousness, oliver has been an unwavering fan of big tex.

for xmas, i scoured the internet looking for a big tex tshirt. somehow, despite big tex's penchant for doing a variety of advertisements (which are a prominent part of my bit when oliver requests a big tex impersonation), i was unable to find any licensed clothing. or, even, unlicensed. well, except for one that was not quite child-appropriate, as it was a line drawing of vintage big tex hollering, "WHERE MY BITCHES AT?"

imagine my delight when facebook showed me a friend of a friend wearing A BIG TEX REPRODUCTION SHIRT! where had these been during my search? where?! it took three emails and much waiting to get dickies to tell me their size conversions and more waiting for me to measure oliver and one of his shirts.

and it is on its way. at a discounted price + coupon taken from the internet.

i just hope oliver isn't disappointed when he sees tex has a new shirt this year. i began grooming him for this last night.

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