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this was only supposed to be about weather. now with ikea and the swim date.

okay, it still says FIRE WEATHER WARNING, but


i do not know what to do with myself.

i woke up around 6am, as always, and felt the a/c was blowing a bit too cold. and then, i remembered that weather promise and how what was always the last day of the 10 day forecast was finally today. about an hour and a half later, i threw open the living room sash and there it was. COLD, BLASTING AIR in my face. just like santa claus. i marched into the bedroom threw open another sash and said, "brian. do you feel that? do you feel that?!" and he said, "what." and i stood for a second and let my eyes look at the corner of the room, waiting for the wintry blast to reach that far. "do you feel that now!?" i threw open the second bedroom hole. and then, i said, "check this out." and.... I TURNED OFF THE CEILING FAN with a flourish. that fan's been on for five months straight.

it feels downright cold out there. cold. which sort of took the edge off my elation... realizing i still don't fit into pants that aren't gym. this baby is going back to school tomorrow and this bottom is going straight to the EFX machine.

i honestly just don't know what to do with myself. i said that already. it must be true.

to top it off. ttyki has cured herself of her diabetes this morning. i finally did a blood glucose curve on her friday, two months late, and didn't even finish it because it went HI, 478, HI, HI. and i called the vet and she said either the insulin was expired or she might have another UTI, since they like to get those, and i reckon someone around here is having an issue since there have been a couple of errant pees by the box and lots of pee in the box. which is frequently status quo. i could have her sterile urine tested for a UTI for $140 or her non-sterile urine tested for signs of a UTI for less, or i could just slap her on antibiotics and call it a day. we started antibiotics last night.

i started worrying in there at some point that the injection before the curve was one where i could smell a little insulin in her fur and maybe it was one of those "intra-fur injections" and so i went ahead and tested before the shot this morning and she was at 139. which is normal. for a normal cat. ttyki's should have read HI double plus. and i figured i might not have had a big enough sample, because that thing will just give you false readings instead of saying you fucked up. which is scary. and i checked again and she was at 132. and that freaks me out because i checked on a lark and normally would have just given the shot and, i don't know, killed her. we're skipping today. more ear pricks in her near future. ugh.

in exchange, her arthritis seemed to have worsened literally overnight a couple of nights ago. she sounds like a peg leg when she's trying to get to get to her food bowl quickly and she ran into the couch trying to jump on to it for two nights in a row. i'm really wishing i had gotten that step stool at ikea now.

we went to ikea on saturday. brian decided he wanted to replace this "desk" i'm sitting at now that he originally got for all his music business. it turned out to be a big piece of ikea shit, like so many other things around here. i hate it for a couple of reasons. anyway, we've probably had it about two years, which is how long it takes for furniture and interior design elements to expire out of brian's favor (he will deny this) and he had shopped for a desk-desk while i was out of town with the kids at ashleigh's baby shower last weekend. it has more open shelving so things could be left out. which doesn't appeal to me. and so we went to show me this furniture and i just wasn't falling completely in love with the overwhelming options and so we went back to the drawing board. especially since we're poor and there's no room for buying furniture right now. even cheap, ikea furniture we'll hate in two years.

after, we drove over to his office and got cancer on the new carpet fumes in the foyer and we went to the ANT room, which is his new, modern-style group office. and there was a print out of adam ant "STRIP" taped to the wall. we left after the kids had had enough fun pressing the buttons on brian's Mr T keychain and once violet started banging on the keyboard of a coworker and we stepped out the door and there was this impossibly long length of straight hallway in front of us, the shining-style, and i said, "RUN!" and the kids took off running and violet likes to make these noises when she runs and the acoustics made it sound more and more like they were being sucked into an old, analog television set, poltergeist-style, the farther away they got. it was wacky.

since we neglected to clean a thing on saturday, i cleaned all day sunday for the swim date with annette, marianne, and claire. good timing, since it's winter today. i struggled all day long with oliver and his room pit. he had spent several days assembling that classroom in there, which involved having all the little chairs and cardboard boxes crammed in there and all the ikea golf pencils and paper tape measures he had accumulated and several of his musical instruments + all the mess that had been spread around previously. i was working up to heart attack proportions and would kind of come and go and just snatch handfuls of trash and recycling from out of there and sort around and imagine him on the junior edition of hoarders. i caught him trying to sneak into his room with my sticky granola bar wrapper the other day, for christ's sake. this child is constantly rooting through the recycling. maybe he'll just turn into that architect out in the dessert building houses out of filled-earth tires instead. i'd be okay with that.

we tried micro-managing to help him clean up, as saying "CLEAN UP YOUR ROOM!" was getting us nowhere, and it was still getting us not very far. at some point, he flat out said he didn't want to help and so we followed through with kicking him out of the swim play date. after finishing the rest of the house, i kicked him out of his room, told him he had his chance and now IT WAS MY TURN, and i went in and closed the door behind me. i was able to restore some sense of order. it was one of those things where it looks pretty good comparatively, but probably not GOOD to someone off the street. just like in hoarders, where they show it all cleaned up and they start playing those damned reality show xylophones that are supposed to indicate everything is hunky dory, but instead... you're like, "oh, that's so sad."

oliver waited for the guests out on the balcony oven for nearly thirty minutes. he ushered the students, violet and claire, into his classroom. i was supposed to be in charge of the cat classroom, but none of my students ever showed up. oliver said they sang a song, had coloring time (the products of which he returned to me and marianne), i think they read a story, and maybe did something else. i don't know. i was out in the living room drinking beer. and then, claire became vocal about her desires to go swimming.

everything female and on two legs hit the sidewalk, where it took two minutes for violet to trip and skin the crap out of her knee. i tried taking her on down to the pool and she calmed a little, but then kicked up a huge fuss when i started down the pool steps. i think she was just pissed because she wanted down on the steps and it turned out she had only napped 10 minutes during brian's errands and it was just all too much for her. so i shipped her back up the stairs and spent time fluttering around in the water chatting with annette while marianne pushed claire around in the water.

after claire decided swim time was completed, we went back upstairs so that oliver could say he didn't want claire to help him build a tower, but she could use those other blocks instead. the little people ate sliced strawberries and eventually set about a group work involving the bicycle pump.

i had neglected to make dinner. vegetables balti and macaroni and chreese all around. brian brought home movies. we watched win win until violet woke up screaming. brian and i had a toussle over i don't know what and i went back to the couch to finish watching it. marwencol tonight.

oh, and we finally got to watch guest of cindy sherman a week or two ago. god, i love her. even if she did dump the protagonist. i also love sandy skoglund. where did she go. i once was walking throught the lobby on the way to my art history class and realized the setting of one of my skoglund postcards was sitting at the corner of my eye. THERE WAS AN EXHIBIT. all of her shebangs were set up right there for us to look at.

well. i just cannot finish a single thing in a timely manner anymore. greetings from tuesday afternoon. windows are still open. i sat in the glory of a semi-clean, aired out, childree home this morning and just talked to my sister on the phone for an hour while sitting in the generally unused butterfly chair, drinking much-abused coffee like i didn't have a care in the world.

anyway. i have some photos to show you.

looking like a bowl of assorted sours.


i just realized he's holding those measuring tapes the same way gustafer is holding the infinity sock on his tshirt.

class in session. mr rainey-ellis presiding.


one of those days in there, oliver and violet were both totally eavesdropping on joanne and loretta. except instead of being really quiet, they were hollering things out the window to them and shining the floor lamp at them so they could see.

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