changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

childhood disease and the never-ending stories about school drop offs.

last night, as i had literally just finished emailing violet's teacher to say she's feeling better after a monday of rough fever and sleeping during the day but not at night, i parsed together the fact that the mosquito bite on her belly and the diaper rash looked rather similar and there was a light smattering of spots on her feet. regardless. she seems to be feeling aces today. which is relief considering we spent most of the time between 3:30pm and 8:00pm yesterday involved in bouts of extreme fussiness and incredible tears. which i thought was from being cranky. turns out there were mouth sores erupting. how do you like that.

i diagnosed her as a recipient of the hand, foot, and mouth disease and reckoned she had received it during that last day of summer soiree at the galleria playland monday a week ago. i have conferred with the representatives of studied medical professionals to bring her in for an official evaluation at 10:45am. see you next monday, school. there goes my childfree grocery shopping and trips to the Y for the week.

oliver went into his classroom yesterday. he is trying to, and succeeding with!, instituting a morning garden walk on every day before school ever. we met andrea and maya out in the garden. apparently, maya also has a daily walk in the garden... no matter the weather. i fear this will soon be my life. she said, "wear a sweater."

this is probably good for me. to slow down and look at a lovely garden. this is obvious because i am bridling at the prospect of slowing down and looking at a lovely garden. with my beautiful and talented children. one of which has magically started figuring out the alphabet. i suppose fairies whisper letters to her at night. which explains why she always wakes up at 1am, freaking out.

anyway. the transference of the yellow boots from home to school and school to home has reached daily proportions. whatever gets him through the moment. today, he started to cling on our way back in from the garden and i said, "whelp! let's get on in there to mrs barrineau's room! where is mrs barrineau? look! there she is! yes... let's go shake mrs barrineau's hand!" and his teacher's name is mrs bailey, you see. and he went from pushing against me to pulling my hand toward his classroom, indicating mrs bailey's room was preferable to mrs barrineau's room, nothing against mrs barrineau, and he zipped right in. i feel kind of bad about not giving him proper, hug-filled goodbyes. but i would feel worse giving him clinging to my legs and crying goodbyes. oh yes.

oliver tried to wear his green wood hare krishna bracelet around his ankle into school today. almost snuck it right by me until i was helping him slide out of the floor of the car and on to the parking lot. no jewelry allowed!
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