changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

my teeth and hard candies.

speaking of strawberry candies.

oh, these teeth. on the side where two are missing, i frequently get a feeling that is a mix between grinding your teeth and that incredibly creepy feeling of chewing a jolly rancher with your back molars. like, when it starts sticking your jaws together and setting off your salivary glands?

i was listening to npr the other day and they had these two people on from some kind of city-based historical preservation society. a man and a woman. and they BOTH spoke like people who are chewing on jolly ranchers. anyone else know what i'm talking about here? i can't stand normally hearing people talking like they've got jolly ranchers in their mouths, but this was just above and beyond with the tooth situation. i had to finally turn them off, but i couldn't shake that feeling in my mouth. it was like i had french kissed them both through the radio and caught their jolly rancher disease. and then, i turned it back on after the hour had changed and there was some other guy on there sounding jolly rancher-mouthed and i began to worry i was damaged for good and would have to go into seclusion from the sounds of other people's voices.

just thinking about it right now is threatening to send me over the edge.

i tried to concentrate on the interviewer, kris boyd perhaps, knowing this was a familiar, non-jolly rancher-mouthed person, and i found some solace there.

i haven't had a hydrocodone for two nights or an ibuprofen since yesterday afternoon. maybe i can go and schedule that cavity-filling soon!
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