changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

march. a parade of parades. the prequel.

i told you that one time that march was a parade of parades and then i told you about only one parade. but it doesn't really matter, because that was back in march and no one is going to remember all the way to back then. not even me, really.

the other parade was the sunday prior. it was the third annual oak cliff mardi gras parade. on our way down there, brian told me he had suggested to rachel that she and her brood should meet us down there. there was very little planning for this. we found a parking spot and walked the couple of blocks to the parade route. brian heard from rachel that they were way down at the other end and we walked a couple of blocks in that direction before it started kicking into gear and we just found ourselves a spot. never to see rachel again. or, initially.

the bike flotillon was mighty impressive and went on for ages. there were plenty of mayoral candidates and a zoo float with a SNAKE and an owl in a little house and i thought these animals must be mildly to ridiculously terrified. there were a lot of beads flying and there were some nice parade neighbors who would give their catches to my children. that is just how nice it can be in the OC. they weren't even drunk or smoking in our faces, like at our neighborhood parade.

i think there was some struggling getting oliver back to the car. i suppose he was worn out. we couldn't figure out what to do about dinner and played with ideas of having someone fix food for us. who knows how that turned out. a couple of pieces of candy had been thrown our way, one of which was that kind dressed up in a wrapper to look like a little strawberry. i can never see those things without remmbering my grandma. grandma had those candies. at least once or twice before my little almost-five year old self lost her. i let oliver have that piece. he said it tasted good.

oliver took his heap of beads to school the following day and the children made counting and sorting works out of them. i think he was pretty proud of those beads.





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