changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

my mouth just made itself a brand new tooth...

... out of tofu! it had a filling made of carrot.

i could make a joke about karats here, but i'm not feeling well again. and the joke would be really bad.

did i tell you oliver went straight into his classroom today?

brian was working from home and so last night i said, "how about you take the kids to school in the morning?"

it turned out he had not listened to a single word of the plan loree had constructed about that garden drop off business and i was having to tell him as he was walking out the door. oliver had begun to whimper and refuse to go when he learned i wasn't taking him. and then i became very brilliant and thankful for the timing of the UPS services and i suggested he take his new yellow boots which had arrived just yesterday evening up to school just in case they up and decided to have a spontaneous gardening class. and that was all he needed.

brian discovered the gate to the garden from the back lot was locked and had to circumvent to drop violet off in her class first. and then he dumbed it up with oliver, pretending he didn't remember where his cubbie or classroom are. kids just eat that shit straight up. and in he went.

it turned out loree was selling shirts in the hallway anyhow, but she saw it all going down and everybody did little cheers at me when we came back to get violet. we had to do a whole lot of sneaking around because we were seeing primary students in the hall going to the playground and you can see both parking lots from the playground and we were stuck hiding in the direct sun in the garden and brian had to say, "we're hiding," in spanish to a passerby and i'm surprised she didn't just go ahead and call the cops on us.

as violet's teacher, charlotte, was going back into the classroom, brian looked at the sad, crying boy next to her and said, "bye, sweetie."

and then he realized charlotte might have thought he meant her and he spent a lot of time back home composing a short email explaining himself so she didn't think him a strange man. and i suggested he close it out with, "have a good weekend, sweetie." and then i spent some time laughing at myself.

oliver did not try to kill me on the way home today, so i took him to the apple juice drive thru. i also felt bad we were skipping the sno cone social out in the blazing hot parking lot, though he didn't seem to care.

oh god, i don't feel good.
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